Feminism, Islamist-style: Omaima Hassan urges muslimah to suicide martyrdom

We are family…..I want all my sisters with me……

Omaima Hassan wife of Osama bin Laden’s right hand man Ayman al-Zawahiri, has urged her sisters to fight alongside their husbands and sons in the jihad against the West. In her first public announcement, (and more than likely her only one) she states that the holy war is an obligation for all Muslims, and encourages the muslimah to become suicide martyrs while abiding by feminine ways……..

This puts a whole new spin on Sister Sledge’s tune ” We are Family” wouldn’t you say?

From ABC News

Al Qaeda Reaches Out to Women

Zawahiri’s Wife Releases Statement, Tells Women They Can Be Suicide Bombers

Dec. 18, 2009
Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s second-in-command, has been a regular presence on Islamic web sites for years , releasing statements and videos via al-Qaeda‘s propaganda arm that blast the West and urge Muslims to wage holy war. Now his wife may have joined the family business.

PHOTO A grab taken from a video entitled

A grab taken from a video entitled “An invitation to Islam” produced by Al-Qaeda-linked media group as-Sahab and released on the Internet in September, 2006 shows Ayman al-Zawahiri, at an undisclosed date and place.

(AFP/Getty Images)

In what is thought to be her first public statement, Omaima Hassan published a statement on Islamic web sites Thursday that encouraged “Muslim sisters” to assist with jihad, but only in suitably feminine ways. She called supporting jihad “an obligation for all Muslims, men and women.” ABC News could not independently confirm the authenticity of the statement.

In the seven-page letter, after assuring friends and family that she and her husband are safe and well, Hassan outlines the ways in which women can assist their men with jihad. Hassan suggests that women work side by side in defending Islam with their men, but underlines that the most important role for women is to support male mujahideen by caring for their children.

“Jihad is an obligation for every man and woman,” wrote Hassan, “but the way of fighting is not easy for women.”

“Our main role — that I ask God to accept from us — is to preserve the mujahideen in their sons, and homes, and their confidentiality, and to help them raise/develop their children in the best way.”

But Hassan also suggests that women can become suicide bombers, which she refers to as “martyrdom missions.”


Follow-up: Please read Phyllis Chesler’s ” Al-Qaeda Tells Women to be Suicide Bombers”

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