Jews in NYC can be arseholes as well.

Granted they aren’t killing anyone or blowing anything up but this kind of behaviour still drives me crazy. It reminds me of the Jewish school in Montreal that demanded a YMCA cover it’s windows in the gym area, as the young Jewish students were distracted from their school work because of the women working out in Lycra. To the Jews in Montreal I have one thing to say. Cover your own damn windows. To the Jews in New York I have something similar to say. Get a bike and try riding it around in NYC and maybe you will leave the bike lanes alone. Damn it I begin to seethe at religious people. It seems that few are capable of self sacrifice for their faith and insist on forcing their morals on those who do not think like them. As much a Jewish failing as Muslim albeit far less violent. H/T Islam in Europe

Cyclists, Hasidim split over bike lanes

NEW YORK, Dec. 9 (UPI) — Two young cyclists in the Williamsburg neighborhood in New York have been charged with repainting a bike laneremoved at the request of Hasidic Jews.

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Quinn Hechtropf, 26, and Katherine Piccochi, 24, surrendered to police Tuesday and were charged with criminal mischief, the New York Post reported. They were given desk appearance tickets and released.

“We’re self-hating Jewish hipsters,” Hechtropf joked.

The neighborhood at the Brooklyn end of the Williamsburg Bridge has long been a major center of the Hasidic movement. In recent years, it has also attracted young artists.

The Hasidic community complained of the 14-block bike lane on Bedford Avenue. Leaders argued the cyclists speeding by were a safety hazard and also a moral one because T-shirts and skimpy bike shorts left too much of their bodies exposed by the strict standards of the local Hasidim.

Local residents have complained they are getting the blame from the public while cyclists like Hechtropf and Piccochi are the ones breaking the law.

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  1. You’re wrong about the Jewish school and YMCA – and you can check it from the link you provided above. They didn’t ‘demand’ that the YMCA tint its windows – they ‘asked’….there’s quite a bit of difference between the two.

  2. Yes you are correct. There is a large difference in the measures but not in the thinking. If the religious do not like what they see in secular society, they have two choices. Move to an area where all conform to those mores, the entire Arab peninsula for example and the weather is also better tha it is in Montreal, or they can tint their own windows.

  3. This is total nonsense. Morals on skimpy shorts and asking that windows be tinted? Seems to me that the preoccupation here lies first and foremost in the accommodation of religious men (young and old) who can’t seem to keep their outdated dogma or their peckers in check. I suggest they tint their own windows and if need be, buy tinted sunglasses.

  4. The sad thing about all of this is that the moral-equivalency, surrender-monkey, mahoundian-appeasing PC crowd would doubtlessly have the nerve to draw a parallel between the “extremism” of such actions and, say, that of those which (not who) blow up twelve dozen of their own fellow “troo-beeleevares™” a day in Porkistan…

  5. NO religious group has the right to tell me where I may ride (if I actually rode a bike), how I may dress, or that I must conform to whatever their idea of “propriety” is. If they don’t like it…don’t look. Or, as suggested above, move to the places that agree with their outdated, misogynistic world view. Or…and I realize this is a radical suggestion, they could grow up, learn a bit of self discipline and behave like civilized men.

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