The Copenhagen Choo-Choo

Now THIS is how you treat violent protestors with a profound sense of entitlement. Canadian authorities take careful note please. I expect to see this the next time a G8 summit happens here in the winter.

From Gates of Vienna.

by Baron Bodissey

Copenhagen Choo-Choo

As everyone who is not a hermit or in solitary confinement already knows, the past few days have witnessed the Great Hope and Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen. Following the usual playbook for such international confabs, a gaggle of anti-globalists, communists, and hard-core anarchists showed up in force to block the streets, break windows, and fight with the police.

The Copenhagen cops employed somewhat different tactics this time when dealing with the troublemakers. Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc sends this brief report:

As you probably know by now, there’s some sort of UN stunt going on in Copenhagen these days. Such events always attract all sorts of strange people, and this one is no different.

Aside from dignitaries like Mr. Mugabe, Mr. Gha-Daffy, Mr. Adolfinadinnerjacket, and your own Mr. Hussein Oh-Bama, a lot of the usual suspects from the looniesphere have shown up here. Most of them are harmless, naïve fools who like to go picketing and demonstrating against one thing and another, no matter what.

But the ‘international riot crowd’ showed up in force as well. You know, the ‘youths’ who excel in burning cars, smashing windows, throwing cobblestones and Molotov cocktails and one thing and another. In short: behaving, generally…

Normally, rioting and burning a city just leads to the usual chain of events: street havoc and battles with the local cops, followed by whining and legislation about ‘police brutality’. And that’s it, onward to the next city…

Not so this time. When they started throwing fireworks and bricks around, the Danish police acted differently. They immediately surrounded the youths with wagons and cut them off from both ends of a major street.

Then they handcuffed each and every one and placed them in a position where unable to move: the so-called ‘choo-choo train’. After spending four hours sitting on the asphalt, peeing in their pants and screaming — well, not so much about ‘global warming’ (it’s below zero Celsius here) — they were transferred to open cages — Gitmo style — for the night.

So now the ‘youths’ can return to whence they came and tell everyone about the global warming and hot air in Carbonhagen…

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