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3 Replies to “Classic Muslim logic and ethics”

  1. His smarmy delivery matches the moral contradiction between the sick story he tells and the principles that any decent religion would espouse.

    The word oleaginus springs to mind whenever I see this rooster.

  2. I just wish the West would start targeted assassinations of these enemies to the civilised world.
    I’ll tell you what we could do a little video, and say, “he became a Christian”, with a gun against his head, “so we shot him, knowing he’d go to heaven as a martyr.”, and the guy doing it could smile all the time.

    It’s amazing how religion speaks one thing and promotes these smiling child molesting, vicious ghouls to positions of power, and that’s just the catholics.
    Don’t know why I’m surprised, that’s what Communism does isn’t it?

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