Fort Hood brings in radical Muslim to speak on Islam.

Apparently the US government’s vetting procedures are not quite as good as google yet.
The US military, or some component of its leadership seems incapable of learning. Once again, we, the secular rational people of the western world have to depend on CBN, The Christian Broadcasting network, to inform us of the clinical certifiable insanity Western nations including the United States engage in, to sustain the illusion of multiculturalism and moral equivalence. Thank you to CBN for carrying the ball where the highly paid, massively staffed and very powerful ‘main stream news’ cannot and it’s incompetence borders on the criminal of Nuremberg proportions.

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  1. this is a response to Brian regarding islamic spain ruled for 700 years.
    WHY DID ISLAM INVADE SPAIN IN THE FIRST PLACE with the islamic sword and after conquouring then became peaceful with the christains and jews. They the christains and jews were in a dhimi status(second class citizens) for if the muslims didnt allow this there would be civil wars within the newly conquored spain as thousand and thousand of christain and jewish women and children were being taken as slaves in the newly formed islamic spain during that time and so not to distrub or afraid they the christains will become like islamic ruthless people.

    Also the crusades were in response to the islamic oppression of the christians in the holy land. Yes, there were brutalities which were commited by the christains and vice versa, but these were started by islam to achieve mass amounts of land and slaves, please read your history just dont talk out of your naive islamic brain.

    But what has these past history to do with modern day status as Dhimi(Second Class citizens) for christains,buddists,jews,sikhs and other religions in muslim countries. All non-muslims countries especially the west has bend down to accomodate muslims, and some to the extent as to bend western liberal laws for islam. Yet, islam is not satisfied, it will never be until it conqours the west like the old times.

  2. Islam is pure evil to the core. islam is not a religion but a political movement to achieve global dominance. Show me a churhc or a hindu temple or a jewish temple in saudia arabia. Go to Egypt and see how they deal with the Coptic Christains, the egyptians treat them like animals, burn down their chruches at every riot and they dont allow new chruches to be build, infact you have to ask permission from the president of egypt to build a church.

    In Turkey, they have taken Hagia Sofia Church and turned it to a Mosque, then into a museum. Still they will not give back Hagia Sofia to be a church again. Muslims are hypocrates. Turkey has a mission to wipe off all churches and convert them into secular museums and thus will elimanate the christains populations.

    Christains are not allowed to be christains in middle-east, period. Now muslims shout. Give me a church, hindu temple, jewish temple, buddist temple or any other temple in the heart of Mecca or Medina and then I will voice my dis-taste for the swiss vote.

  3. this is a response to Mary, who shows the old historic Churches in the wider-middle-east to show there are churches in Middle-East. Remember, Saudia arabia,iran,egypt,turkey,etc will not allow to build new churches but look at the West and look at the islamic sites promoting the largest mosque building in michagan,USA and in Rome, Germany,France, Britain. Islam boasts some of the biggest and cosliest mosque building in the western hemisphere and the fastest mosque building ever.

    So Why are muslims countries so restrictive on church building. Please take a look to see how the west treat islam and muslims judge for yourself if you have a brain to do so. Just Google mosques in America and you get thousands of mosque and also make sure you see the pictures. Also view the one being build in Michangan as the LARGEST mosque in North America.

  4. Muslims say, but there are churches in the middle-east. Yes there are, but these churhes were build before islam invaded certain countries which include egypt,lebanon etc and or are very old and crumbling. In egypt they will not even allow to repair them. Islam wants those egyption churches to fall and crumble and there will not give any permission to build new ones.

    Why do muslims say do not include saudia arabia for churches as the mention the vatican to do the same, Dont you muslims have hundreds of Mosque in Italy, isnt the vatican inside italy. The UN and western media dont see this, muslims dont see this. I wonder what would happen to a girl in a red mini-dress (muslims stop thinking of the girl as a ho) walking the street in saudi arabia, egypt, iran and the other glorious islamic countries. Dont you dare give me, but its muslim culture to cover up, where is the girl right to walk in a red mini-dress in all islamic countries, just as a human being.

    You Muslims are such hypcocrates, that is why islam as a religion will fail. You can see the fault of others very clearly but fail to see your own filth. You want to spread your religion around the western countries but will severely restrict your own islamic countries from building churches.

    But wait what has swiss muslims got to do with the islamic countries, they are peaceful so they should be allowed to build a mosque. But also wait what has the egyption christain copts got to do with the western christain countries, they are also peaceful and should be allowed to build their churches in egypt,saudia arabia, iran.

    See the muslim hyprocrazy .

  5. Claiming “Islam” means “peace” is fraudulent to begin with. Islam is an Arabic word. And the word for peace in Arabic is “solh,” and not Islam. Islam is derived from the root word “taslim,” which means submission or surrender. Hence, Islam’s true name, surrender, is in fact most descriptive of what it is: total, unconditional submission and surrender of the individual and the community to the will and dictates of Allah as revealed by his “rasool,” messenger, Muhammad.

  6. Hey he,Hey he !!!!! Let it be known to mankind that Christains,Hindus,Buddists,Sikhs and all other religions are not allowed to say anything bad about islam, for islam is the only true religion in the world per United Nations.

    If Islam rapes your women, kills your children, behead your sons,father and husband so shall it be for its the true religion per UN. let it be know that in islam there is no equality, therefore no churches or temples of any kind in muslim land especially in saudia arabia, iran, sudan,turkey, egypt, somalia,pakistan,bangladesh or any other muslims majority country, dont like it too bad as authorized by the United Nations.

    All discriminations done by muslims to all other faith should be tolorated as under the United Nations recommendations and laws stated and drafted with the oil money in the UN. Therfore all non-muslims children shall be given as slaves to muslims for generation to come, daughters,mothers and sisters are to be given to muslims as fit per United Nations and sanctions will be imposed on those non-muslims countries that do not apply with the UN Draft Resolution :”Islam the true religion on Earth”

  7. Turkish PM recently said; “The mosques are our barracks, the domes are our helmets and the minarets are our bayonets”… it any wonder that civilised people everywhere worry about the advance of Islam.

    Islam is not a tolerant religion and does not respect the rights of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Atheists or even gays in Muslim or Western lands. Since the failed policy of multiculturalism has been forced down our throats we have seen that diverse cultures can not co-exist together, they clash.

    Muslims are still allowed to build mosques in Switzerland but minarets are out. I applaud the Swiss for having the guts to have ‘citizens initiated referenda ‘ in their Constitution. This gives citizens the mechanism to challenge the Govts. position on many issues. Power to the people.

    The Maldives is about to pass a UN written Constitution which states that all citizens of the Maldives must be muslim. Isn’t this racist and also discriminatory? It is typical of the muslims and also the UN to point the finger at others while neglecting the plight of the real victims.

    Saudi Arabia bans churches and synagogues and does not allow the reading of ther Bible. Many Filippinos have been murdered for holding a pray or Bible study in the Saudi Kingdom. Where are the crys from the UN?

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