Mosque seeks (missing) Somali youth

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CSIS fears missing youth may return to Canada as terrorists. From The National Post Online:

Stewart Bell, National Post Published: Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Toronto mosque where a group of missing Somali-Canadians sometimes worshipped has urged anyone with information about them to come forward.

The Abu Huraira Centre posted the statement on its website as counterterrorism officials investigate whether the young men had been recruited into a Somali militant group.

“Many people have heard and have been inquiring about the young Somali men from the Toronto area, who appear to have travelled overseas in early November with little or no knowledge of their parents,” it reads. “At this time, we have very limited information and do not wish to speculate. However, we urge anyone who may have any relevant information to please come forward and contact us.”

As many as six ethnic Somalis have vanished from Toronto in recent weeks. The RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service are involved because of a pattern of similar behaviour in the United States.

In Minneapolis, at least 20 Somali-Americans have gone missing only to turn up in Somalia as members of Al-Shabab, a Taliban-like armed group that says it is fighting a jihad against the Somali government.

On Monday, U.S. prosecutors filed charges against eight men allegedly involved in recruiting Somali-Americans and paying for their airfares and weapons. Several of the American recruits have died, one while conducting a suicide bombing.

Three weeks after most of the Toronto men left Canada, there is still no confirmation of their whereabouts, although one allegedly phoned home from Kenya, which shares a border with Somalia.

“You can imagine how hard it is for the families,” said Omar Kireh, administrator of the Abu Huraira Centre.

Al-Shabab “is inspired by al-Qaeda’s fundamentalist anti-Western ideology and remains committed to the establishment of an Islamist caliphate in a Somalia ‘uncorrupted’ by Western cultural influences,” says a secret Canadian intelligence report obtained by the National Post yesterday.

The report by the government’s Integrated Threat Assessment Centre, based at CSIS headquarters, notes that Al-Shabab has been releasing a stream of English-language propaganda as part of an effort to recruit Somali youths living in the West.

Police fear Al-Shabab recruits could pose a security risk upon their return to Canada.

“It has been suggested that these men are capable of being sent back home to conduct terrorist operations, including suicide bombings,” the report says.

The Toronto mosque’s statement was read to the congregation during last Friday’s prayers, said Mr. Kireh. It says the parents of the missing Canadians are “understandably concerned and anxious but remain hopeful” the men will return home safely.

“For other parents, we encourage you to have frank and open discussions with your teenage and young adult children about any concerns that they have. And for the teenagers and young adults, we remind you of your duties to your parents and the gratitude we should all have to God (Allah) for the blessings of living in Canada,” it said.


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  1. Just as a little comment on what matters to slaves of allah (the imaginary), since work is looked down upon in mahoundianism, courtesy of its parasitical ways of survival through pillaging, raids, looting, jizya-collection, welfare-checks and unmerited oil wealth (so, is it inaccurate to compare mahoundians to viruses and tapeworms?), it’s no surprise that Somali parents don’t have to worry about the prospects of their spawn being unemployed, although this is a worry that occupies the thoughts of many a non-mahoundian parent these days. Instead, in some cases they might only worry about their getting blown to smithereens in the name of mahound’s imaginary alter-ego (when they don’t actually feel proud that this has actually been the case.)

  2. Well of course at the right level of abstraction, one can make any comparison at all you can conceive of. The validity of said comparison requires qualification.
    For example:
    Pimp: One who procures the sexual services, typically of women, referred to as ‘whores’ for a fee.
    Allah: God of the Muslims who rewards those who die in his service with hundreds of houris in some sort of life after life who grant his every sexual wish.
    Therefore, the claim that Allah or more accurately Mohamed is a pimp could easily be made.
    Now wait a moment! No it cannot. A pimp typically delivers on his end of the deal. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Mohamed or Allah or his intermediary ‘The Angel Gabriel’ have ever made good on a single promise, even a measly handjob from so much as a retired elderly geisha. Therefore, a pimp is a vastly more honourable position than an ‘allah’ or a ‘prophet mohamed’ as not only does he deliver, but usually charges a price that allows the customer to continue breathing, often for years after the sale. So frankly, I would understand if pimps world wide were to openly condemn my comparison of Mohamed and ‘allah’ to pimps. So once again we see the business of comparisons can be complex.
    Thanks for the comment Kafir 🙂

  3. Now wait a moment! No it cannot. A pimp typically delivers on his end of the deal.

    Hahahahaha!!! That’s absolutely true…

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