Turkey: Mixed feelings about Geert Wilders visit

This is quite interesting. A very short clip of mixed opinions by Turkish citizens about Europe, Islam and Geert WIlders potential visit. H/T GOV Here is the original site:

The proposed visit of a Dutch parliamentary delegation to Turkey is now in some doubt as the Turkish government has announced that it doesn’t want Geert Wilders to be included in the party. The other members of the Dutch delegation have declared their solidarity with the leader of the Freedom Party, and have indicated that if the Turks don’t change their position they will call off the visit.

Mr Wilders wants to go to Ankara in January to explain why he is opposed to Turkish membership of the European Union. But according to politicians there, Mr Wilders – whose party lies in second position in Dutch opinion polls – is a racist and a fascist. On the streets of Istanbul, people’s opinions appear to be mixed.

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  1. If someone opposes mahoundianism, then he’s not human.

    Yesterday I angered my hero Hugh Fitzgerald because of a (later deleted) comment in which I stated that the member-of-the-human-race label applied only to those prevented from entering Mecca and Medina. There is still not a shred of evidence on this planet to prove me wrong on that subject.

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