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3 Replies to “Another French riot video”

  1. Hello,

    I am a french feminist,

    the riot of saturday afternoon, happened in one of the most expensive place of Paris, just before our “military school” (!),

    we had the minister of economy, Christine Lagarde, who is now in charge of the introduction of the islamic finance in the french legislation, who said at the television that these riots where the fault of the website …

    in fact it was the fault of the minister of the police, who did not forbid the web to call and did not “close” the place tho empech people to come !

    Most of politicians here refuse to know about islamic law and jihad/qital, most of politicians and juges here, only condemn what they call “islamophobia”, to begin with our President of the Republic, who say that he “condemn antisemitism and islamophobia”, as if it was the same kind of thing.

    One of the female immigrant “activist” called the French ” the white, the under-dog” “sous-chiens” because ” souche ” means in french ” root “, and try to let people think that she only meant “french by root” with that nickname …. and nobody suie her for racism.

  2. Thank you very much for this comment and explanation. It is good to meet a feminist who actually is a feminist as so many now are really pro sharia for reasons which escape me.

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