Video on Islamic sexual practice, dos and don’ts.

Very nice to see a video by a woman on things which are of enormous concern to women.

I would like to dedicate this video to ‘Kin’ who wrote the following comment about the suspicious drowning of several Muslim women near Kingston Ontario recently.

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Yesterday I attended the funeral of these three victims. I met with the husband and father of the deceased and he was broke, unable to talk, he fell on the ground twice while people arranged a chair for him and I saw him weaping and crying like hell. I don’t think, there was any foul play and police investigation and autopsy results also suggest that.

This incident was a result of unfortunate neglect mostly on the part of mother as she took her young daughters to swimming pool while they did not know how to swim. She did not cried for help and jumped into the water to save daughters hence sealing the fate of all three (as she did not knew how to swim either). It is not clear that father knew that they were going to swimming pool. All of this happened in small window of time between 8:45 to 9:00 am. Hotels must provide supervision or least verbal warning to the going to the swimming pool. Placing a alarm system in the swimming pools will be a good idea too.

Eeyore- It is just mis understanding of the Islam and Islamic culture. Islam want women to preserve their dignity and wear modest dress. Islam doesn’t ban women from learning arts including swimming. West on the other hand has very different philosophy. Western philosophy has made a women an object rather than a being. No advertisement on the TV is successful without a women, where women body is used as a object for the temptation and it is not limited to advertisement, the whole porn industry reflects the same mentality. You can call it freedom and western values but some will believe that it is abuse of women dignity and her very being. We may disagree, so we can leave it on the individual to choose right path for herself.
No body can force his or her ideas on other in this country, so let the women make decision. If you can make joke of one’s hijab one can make joke of your nudity.

When you have the temerity to actually claim women are better off under Islam, you deserve to have that opinion read far and wide.

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