‘Grooming’ of white girls in the UK as whores by ‘Asians’

To be as clear as humanly possible, these ‘Asians’ are NOT Chinese, Japanese or East Indian Hindus. These are Muslims, and ‘grooming’ in this case means threatening to murder their parents and families if they resist and torturing them if they fail to comply. Grooming is a pathetic word for what is going on here but what else can you expect from the UK these days as they all seem to be bent over for Islam. Want a good business? Sell knee pads to British bureaucrats.

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4 Replies to “‘Grooming’ of white girls in the UK as whores by ‘Asians’”

  1. It’s time to sue the UK Government … for they don’t do what they got elected for
    The UK has become a third world country….

  2. It is disgusting what politicians are doing to Europe .In Germany there are zones where women are raped by gangs of Turks or Arabs.

    ARe these the goods of multi-culturalism?

  3. these islamists are taking it to a new level. We must stand up to those hypocrites. Join the edl and fight for whats right in our country!

  4. Its not just muslims all communities have this issue, so stop being racist to one group of people.The media causes the tension by keep showing it on the media.Why does the media not show the jews exploiting white christian women into prositution, what does the bnp or the edl have to say about that.Wake up and smell the coffee and stop blaming one group of people.

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