Traditional marriage Islam style.

If you guessed this won’t read like fun for the women, you would be right…

H/T Gates of Vienna:

From Pakistan’s Daily Star:

Killed over dowry
Mother of 2 beaten up, ‘forced’ to drink poison
A Correspondent, Narsingdi
A 29-year old woman lost her life in Narsingdi yesterday after her dowry demanding husband beat her up and allegedly forced her to drink poison.

Suraiya Akhter, 28, a mother of two from Joshor village under Shibpur upazila, died on the way to the local hospital.

Relatives said that Suraiya’s husband Anwar Hossain, 32, of the same village has long been torturing his wife for dowry from her parents. He wanted Tk 1 lakh in cash.

As her parents were not able to cough up this amount, Anwar regularly tortured his wife.

On Friday night, an argument broke out between the husband and wife again over this matter, and Anwar mercilessly beat his wife and later tried to strangle her with his own hands.

As she struggled to breathe, Anwar allegedly forced her to drink poison before taking her to the hospital.

She died on the way, and Anwar told everyone that Suraiya had committed suicide. Suriaya’s relatives refuted this, citing the regular beatings she received at his hand for dowry.

When they confronted Anwar and accused him of murdering Suraiya, Anwar and his brother Iqbal attacked Suraiya’s relatives with a daa (curved chopper), seriously injuring Arun, Al Amin, Sohrab, Saidur, Khokan and Shamim.

The injured men were admitted into different clinics.

A case has been filed in this regard with Shibpur thana.

Police sent the body to Narsingdi Sadar Hospital for an autopsy.

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