Pat Condell: Be my burka baby

Pat Condell, a fair-minded, well-spoken, intelligent, atheistic, witty asset to the secular world is the near-perfect proof of the existence of God. Watch and enjoy. Agree or no, his thoughts are worthy of your attention.

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3 Replies to “Pat Condell: Be my burka baby”

  1. Excellent. I have always wondered when the issue of modesty in Islam is brought forward by some crackpot cleric or mullah as an obligation for both men and women, only women are required to carpet themselves from head to toe with either only their eyes showing through a slit or hidden altogether behind a screen.

    If it is an issue of modesty, why then do Islamists insist this garment be worn by women resulting in such a blatant, visual output, drawing nothing but attention to Muslim women? This is modesty? I agree with Mr. Condell; Muslim men should be forced to don the burqua and perhaps we would soon discover that this shroud of oppression would immediately be discarted.

  2. Don’t you just love how he refers to those mostly-leftarded feminists on the video? I hope Unni Wikan has heard that. She ought to hear it and also watch that video over and over again for six hours; if not as something that could help her get what’s at stake here, then as punishment for something that once came out of her fat trap.

    For those who haven’t heard of Ms Wikan, she’s that Norwegian feminist who, in response to the wave of mahoundian gang-rapes in Scandinavia, said something like “all Norwegian women should cover themselves according to mahoundian notions of piety; we now live in a multicultural society to which we must adapt.” If you need a minute to go puke your guts out, this comment will still be here when you’re back.

    If suggesting that all non-mahoundian Scandinavian women veil themselves as a strategy to avoid rape weren’t enough, she had the nerve to say that Scandinavians have to adapt to the “gifts” that multiculturalism has brought to their once peaceful, safe and prosperous lands. And we know that there’s always less peace, less safety and less prosperity wherever islam is; Hugh Fitzgerald’s comments and articles at Jihadwatch are full of examples of how it is always so, and looking at social and economic indicators for Mahoundistan’s provinces is also another way to prove this point.

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