Komrade Americanski, did you learn nothing from Trudeau?

For nearly fifty years now I have looked south across the 49th parallel into the USA with envy. Since Trudeau, I have had to apologize for so many socialist anti freedom collectivist anti democratic policies to my American friends and try and explain to brainwashed Canadians why these things, these ‘forward looking hopeful changes’ Trudeau made when he utterly transformed Canada into Trudopia in every way he could, are evil and retrograde.

Then today I saw these:

And this one which is totally fucking gay:

Or this one telling you what to eat:

The United States of America was to me, a spectacular place precisely because the government was a reflection of the cultures that make up the USA as opposed to attempting to force it into a mold dictated by fashion.

It, the Obama administration now clearly intends to shape how the US thinks by multiple methods. A financial penalty for all who do not wish to go along with the official beliefs on matters ecological (cap-and-trade) and using government money to brainwash free citizens to accept and support beliefs which are nothing more than that. Even Australia is beginning to re examine the pseudo science behind CO2 and global warming.

For the record, I have never used the expression before that a thing is totally gay unless of course that thing was indeed totally gay. Benny Hill or Gordon Brown comes to mind. But I will not tolerate a government, any government, telling me what expressions I may use. It will backfire. It will likely cause genuine hatred to that group instead of just a jocular reference, something which is as old as humanity. The British are about to learn this due to the new policy of preferential medical treatment for Gypsies. Something the Gypsies did not ask for, but will cause resentment towards.

Thanks to Founding Bloggers for bringing this to our attention:

Remember, it really does not matter if you agree with these messages or not. I do agree with some of them. But the government MUST not have official positions on these or similar issues. It is this kind of social tampering that causes poverty, vicious oppression and even killing in the tens of millions as we saw with Stalin. Really. It starts with the idea that what people believe and think is more important than freedom. Simply, it is when the collective is more important than the individual in nearly every aspect of ones life.

Take a lesson from the Kids in the Hall and remember, you yanks are now just a few months away from ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie.’

Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready for Obamastan?

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2 Replies to “Komrade Americanski, did you learn nothing from Trudeau?”

  1. “But I will not tolerate a government, any government, telling me what expressions I may use.”

    O the oppression! You do realize that a Public Service Announcement is not binding law, right? More of a friendly suggestion. We’re not being told what we can and can’t do, we’re being asked to consider others (“that’s so gay”) or our own health (“popcorn butt” is what I’m calling that one).

    I’m ok with my government taking “an official position” (read: humorously recommending for thirty seconds) that insensitive lexicon commonly overused by twelve-year-olds should be discouraged at a social level among thoughtful adults. Any sort of law to that effect would be unconscionable, but it would also be incredibly weird and, of course, impossible to enforce.

    I guess it’s a decent enough strawman, though. However, it’s kind of sad when even your fake arguments are this weak.

    All of that said, there is absolutely no good reason that the usa.gov spot needed to involve song, and I apologize on behalf of my country 🙂

  2. 1. The government is using your money to make these suggestions.
    2. In Canada, it started as friendly sugestions that where politialy correct and became the Canadian Human Rights Commissions. This is serious, is not legislation as you are thinking of it but does result in the destruction of people as the process itself is so punitive and the punishment can include jail if you ignore the fines and the decrees not to say or write certain things. Look up Rev. Stephen Boisson and what happened to him in Canada because of his religious writings on homosexuality. Even Canadian gay groups stood up for him as they recognized that free speech was more important than whether or not they where offended by his views. I see this as a slippery slope. You likely do not. I prefer that you turn out to be correct.

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