Pat Condell: The Anti-American dream

For those newly awakened, Pat Condell is nearly the father of the talking head, viral video. He used to have regular videos on Youtube and was the first person to speak out against Islamic influence on Western societies from the perspective of what he, and many of us, had been conned into thinking was a left leaning point of view. Which is to say libertarian and equality minded.

HIs criticisms of Islam were done with a kind of dry sarcasm and speckled humour, which over time he has lost. Not due to lack of wit, but due to the increasing severity of the issues, which no longer loaned themselves to casual humorous analogies. Its not difficult to assume that Youtube made short shrift of him once they got woke. The pushback was so large they had to reinstate him, but then the shadow-banning began.

Its good to see Pat like so many others, find other outlets.


At last: A new video from Pat Condell on Freedom of Speech, and the new communist lexicon

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Arrested for a joke.
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