US teacher shot dead in Mauritania.

How loathsome. A teacher, one who could probably be making a ton of money in the USA for not teaching as anyone who follows the debacle of how the teachers union in the USA manages to make it impossible to fire a teacher no matter what they do or do not do; a teacher who probably made next to nothing in a crap hole nation trying to help it get out of third world status was shot dead by Muslim Al Queda merely for being an American.

USteacherThis murder, and that is what it was, there is no strategic or military value to this man except he was an infidel and American and Al Queda in the Islamic Magreb instructed all sympathisers to attack, terrorize and generally act like Muslims are instructed to.

According to Stratfor:

An American was shot and killed June 23 in the El Kasr neighborhood of Nouakchott, Mauritania, by two young men. The American, who was teaching computer and language classes at a local school that he owned, was confronted by a group of men as he was getting out of his car in front of the school at 8:30 a.m. local time. A police officer says two men initially tried to kidnap him, but when the American resisted their attempts to bind him and put him in their vehicle, they shot him several times in the head from close range, killing him.

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  1. It’s a sad loss, and one which could indeed have been avoided if he had better understood that there’s no gratitude for anything an infidel might do in the open sewers of Dar al-Islam/Mahoundistan.

    And, the horror of this tragedy notwithstanding, it could have been a lot worse if he hadn’t fought back and had allowed those scumbags to take him captive. We know the kind of torture inflicted upon those kidnapped by mahoundians… The chopping of genitals and tongues, the rapes and so many other forms of gruesome suffering might, and are likely to, precede a captive’s likely death at the hands of such lowlifes. But if one fights back, mahoundians will always kill their would-be captive on the spot. And dying quickly is certainly better than giving those monsters an opportunity to get sexually aroused through inflicting a slow and painful death upon those they do manage to kidnap.

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