Greek Muslims sue for alleged ‘desecration’ of a book.

From Jihad Watch:

Greece: Muslim associations sue policeman for allegedly desecrating a Koran

And “demand” an apology. More on this story. “Greek Muslim associations sue policeman,” from, May 26:

ATHENS, Greece — Muslim associations in Athens have filed a lawsuit against a policeman who allegedly desecrated a copy of the Koran last week, media reported on Monday (May 25th). Last Thursday, the policeman allegedly took a Koran from a customer during a police check at an Athens coffee shop, ripped it apart, threw it on the floor and stomped on it. Police say the officer did not know it was Islam’s holy book.The Pakistani community in Greece called on the government to assume responsibility for the incident and demanded an apology from authorities. The incident prompted two days of protests by hundreds of Muslims in central Athens. Violent clashes with police on Friday injured at least 14 people and damage several businesses; 46 people were arrested.

This may be the right time to announce a small project. By sometime this week I hope to have three new videos up on youtube. The question I will be asking is, what will the reaction be to these three videos, all of which will be identical in most ways yet curiously different in one.

More on that as I get closer to posting the videos.


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