Great video on Sheik Al Hillali, the Mad Mufti of Melbourne

This video found on Bare Naked Islam:

The best thing about the Mad Mufti is how poorly he does his obvious Takiyya. Its textbook. Not even attempted to be convincing. Just what is required by Koran.

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2 Replies to “Great video on Sheik Al Hillali, the Mad Mufti of Melbourne”

  1. Kick him out, back to Egypt… As far as I’m concerned, he could be turned into Great White lunch off the coast of Perth (provided his body wouldn’t make the poor sharks sick.)

  2. Something else which is quite telling about this video… It’s that bearded representative of the “Mahoundian Friendship Association” defending his mahoundian buddy by stating, as justification for those remarks, something like “he’s addressing people of different cultural backgrounds, people of different cultural understanding and, ‘IN THAT CONTEXT’, language has to be used slightly differently.”

    These “different” cultural backgrounds and cultural understandings, which supposedly require that Westerners be referred to in derogatory terms by mahoundian scum socializing with its kin, are unequivocal proof that mahoundians are not fit to live in Western democratic societies, and that the place where they belong is the mahoundian countries that they come from, period. No matter what MC PC enthusiasts say, of which I’ve heard way too much by the way.

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