Video of brutal attack on Seattle Bus on blind woman.

Remember the days when they used to actually say the name of the person who was arrested for a brutal crime? Despite how detailed this report is, the name of the attacker is conspicuously absent.  Whatever his name is now, I bet it’s not the one he first went into prison with.

This link almost certainly has nothing to do with this story: (read it down to the end anwyay)

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9 Replies to “Video of brutal attack on Seattle Bus on blind woman.”

  1. ok well I am usually on board with the general type of story here, but in this case the man is clearly not a “criminal” per se , but is in fact “crazy” He should be in a hospital. So I can see why his name was not used , and really it was not a brutal was a quick hit on a woman. But he is clearly crazy and to some degree deserves sympathy for a system that will not keep him in a safe environment. He is not a terrorist, or a muslim threat, or any such thing. Just a man who is sick and needs help….but yeah, he should not be out on the street for awhile at least.

  2. It was a vicious, brutal attack. Minimizing what the victim went through is not only disingenuous and irresponsible, but absolutely inhuman. Of course he’s mentally ill. He’s a malignant narcissist, like all Mohammedans by definition and without exception. He also screamed ‘Sick need to die!’ Hmmm. Now I know that the Chinese tend to feel that way, but somehow I think he adopted that attitude from the only other culture on this planet which teaches that particular ‘value.’

    He deserves zero sympathy and this act of violence is not the fault of our system. All individuals are 100% in control of 100% of their actions 100% of the time. He chose to do that. If he’s crazy he still chose not to get help or to go off his meds, and then to do that. He should be in a maximum security prison getting beaten every day, not because there’s something wrong with the system, but because, as an individual, did what he did and therefore deserves that punishment.

  3. where doers it say he is muslim? you were wrong on the last article I complained about and again was not a vicious brutal was an attack and it was bad, but one punch to the side of the head is not a vicious brutal attack…my problem with you jdam is that by this incessant overstating, and use of provocative language you lose credibility, thus demeaning the importance of this blog. And the constant use of the word Mohammeddan is really annoying. But hey keep up the good work

  4. How is this not a vicious attack? He cold cocked a blind woman in the head and intended to do more if those on the bus hadn’t intervened. But Charles probably also condemns waterboarding as “torture,” while calling this attack simply “bad.”

    Still, this man was only doing what the government is about to do… take out the old and infirm for the good of the health care system.

  5. I am firmly of the opinion that that attack was vicious. He probably fractured her cranium. His statement, “Sick need to die!,” is a dead giveaway that he’s a Mohammedan. But you could be right and he could be a FOB Chinaman from a rural village. /.

    I use the word ‘Mohammedan’ because it’s accurate, unlike ‘Muslim,’ which means ‘one who believes in a supreme deity.’ Allah is not a deity, nor could he arguably be considered one. Allah prays and does what people – patently subhuman people at that – tell him to do. Read Sura 17. Deities don’t submit to man and if they’re praying then whatever they’re praying to is the deity, not them. Allah is human at best. Christians and Jews are Muslims. Mohammedans, i.e., Mahound-venerating atheist moon-rock worshippers, are Mohammedans. And even if Allah were a deity, which he’s not, it’s still not Allah whom they worship. Think about it. If a Mohammedan renounces Allah, i.e., apostacizes, he is given three days and an unlimited number of chances to repent and be forgiven. If he so much as insults Mahound it is incumbent upon all Mohammedans to kill him on the spot. Who do you think is at the top of that hierarchy? They’re not Muslims; they’re Mohammedans. They used to be universally called that but then in the 80s they decided that it sounded too much like a cult and that was just too obvious. I hate political correctness and any other form disingenuous idiocy, particularly when it exists for the sole purpose of feeding our enemy’s propaganda, and the term ‘Muslim,’ applied to Mohammedans, is nothing more than PC disingenuous idiocy and Mohammedan propaganda designed to obscure the truth and help with dawa. I therefore call them what they are. I value the truth over their dishonest propaganda. Shoot me.

  6. bullshit! it is pure bullshit and you know it. he is a crazy man doing a crazy thing…if you knew even abit about crazies you would understand. My family is loaded with em. anyway you jdam are so fucking angry, you have no gauge as to what is real. But I think you are a lefty plant trying to destroy this site with your over the top bullshit. so there!

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