Video on UN resolution on defamation of Islam

This is important. Do not kid yourself. This resolution will attempt to make any observation of Islam and behavior of Muslims around the world illegal should those observations be tactically problematic for Islamic global dominance. This is urgent and needs to be followed closely. Its also powerful evidence that the UN not only has little or nothing to do with its purpose at inception, but is now in fact the enemy. The enemy of all free people and anyone who wishes any degree of autonomy as a group. Chris Hitchens is also interviewed in this piece. We at VTB have been following the UN workings to destroy freedom of speech and worse, the attempt to make criticism of irrational religious authority a crime. This criticism was the very thing that allowed the enlightenment which now appears to be near an end.

Also, this is clearly an attempt to install sharia law by proxy.

If in the past few generations there was anything worth fighting for, the preservation of freedom of speech and from religious tyranny is that thing.

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  1. I am with Lou Dobbs. He is the only voice of reason on CNN these days.

    The UN is a totally useless body and should be dismantled. Let them rename it “un-United Nations of Muslims” (UUNM) and let the muslim countries fund this useless org.

  2. Please, please, please, let it pass! There could be no better news and no greater step toward world peace than for this resolution to be passed at the UN. Surely even the dhimmis of Englandistan and Eurabia would pull out of the UN if such a travesty should occur. I would hope the US would engage in Lou Dobbs unilateralism and simply bulldoze the UN headquarters in NYC. It needs no one’s permission to reclaim its own real estate in the interests of national security.

    Pass it! Pass it! Pass it!

  3. In the past eight years plus, teh UN Security Commison was controlled by vetos from the US often on behalf of Israel. As a non-religious person, I do not support any religion, but when one group suppresses another, I side with the underdog. The Arab League has made a number of proposals [87 total], along with the majority of the members of the UN, they were are vetoed the US and often ignored by Israel. No country has the right to claim that it is god-given and displacing, occupying a territroy that had been owned for genrations by the local Moslem/Christian Arabs. Also a Jewish State can be no more a true, unbiased democracy as the Islamic Republic of Iran

  4. have a look at the anti Israel resolutions and then say that again. A good place to start is the roughly 2 year old one condemning Israel as the worlds worst abuser of woman’s rights. If you can accept that as true, then we do not have any similar measures.

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