No to sharia

” Equality and respect are for real, live human beings, not for beliefs and certainly not for inhumane, political movements. Sharia is why so many of us have fled and continue to flee Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere; opposing sharia law in Britian as in Afghanistan or elsewhere is not an attack on people’s right to religion: it is a defence of people’s human rights”.

Those words were spoken by Maryam Namazie, a Muslim woman living in Britian. Countless others like her who dare oppose the stifling oppression, inherent misogyny and violence of Islamic law and seek it’s eventual demise do so at tremendous risk, often surrounded either by direct shunning or threats of violence from their own community or an ignorant, host polulace willing to concede to Islamists under faulty multicultural policy and religious relativism.

I do not write this to convice those of us already fully aware of sharia’s incredible cruelty but rather to the many more who have convinced themselves it as only a benign form of religious arbitration. For the women who have fled to nations seeking refuge from the barbarism, it is anything but benign and for the young girls and women left behind, a reminder of the need to challenge and disrupt the flow of hatred.

The following three stories illustrate sharia’s capacity for violence and death. All three crimes were committed in western nations. The first details the fifteen hour beating of the twenty-two year old wife of vice consul at the Afghanistan Consulate in Queens, New York. Mohammed Fagirad told police that his wife was ‘a dog and that he would treat her as such’. The beating resulted in hospitalization.

The second is the account of the trial of German-Afghan Ahmed-Sobair O,
who has been convicted of the murder of his sixteen year old sister Morsal O. He stabbed her twenty three times for living her ‘western lifestyle’. After calling the judge a whore, Ahmed-Sobair O stated that ” if this trial had taken place in Kabul, I would have been released long ago”. Present at the trial were his family and relatives and in solidarity they wailed, threatened and assaulted a journalist, criticized the judge and claimed the girl bore the guilt for her own murder.

The third is the account of the beheading of thirty seven year old Aasiya Hassan wife of  ‘moderate’ Bridges t.v. founder Muzzami Hassan. She asked him for a divorce resulting from ongoing domestic violence in which she sought to escape. Her decapitated body was found by police on the studio premises. Mr. Hassan has confessed to the slaying. She leaves behind two children 4 and 6.

I read this morning on a query from a Muslim man seemingly at wits end with his defiant wife. Seeking counsel from a scholar in sharia he asked ” what do I do with a woman who will not cover her hands? The scholar’s reply was simple: if persuasion does not work, reject her from your bed and if that fails, beat her”.

It is bad enough that sharia exists in Middle Eastern countries and clerics advise such fatwas, but it is wild beyond comprehension why western nations would entertain it’s existence, even in it’s most modest form. There is simply no place for sharia in any civilized society, regardless of the ribbons apologists  and activists would dress it with.  Movements across Europe, North America and to a lesser degree, the Middle East  have sprouted by those who have fled sharia’s oppressive and dangerous nature with many speaking out against it’s further inception. Aayan Hirsi Ali, Noni Darwish and Phyllis Chesler are among those who would warn us of it’s dangerous consequence, particularly for the lives of girls and women. It is time to pay attention and to ultimately say a resounding no to sharia.


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