Phyllis Chesler on Islam the west and global jihad

Jihad is fully upon the West, both by stealth and by more and more open displays of Islamic aggression, hatred, and violence. Free speech (which includes truth-telling and the right to self-defense), is under the most profound siege. The United Nations has long been lost, Europe, (at least England, Holland, and possibly France), have rapidly become dhimmi states. North America is-and has been-in the cross-hairs of jihadic desire.

The recent demonstrations, ostensibly about Gaza, turned into dangerous hatefests all across the country. University campuses have become increasingly dangerous for Jewish and other pro-Israel or anti-fascist, pro-democracy students. Just the other day in Toronto, a student wearing a kippah set off a huge riot among the highly Palestinianized student body which even the Toronto police could not put down.

India has also had to live with countless Muslim terrorist attacks before the Mumbai atrocity and with attacks against authors, such as Bangladeshi Taslima Nasrin, who had been granted asylum in an Indian city. (She is now, once again, living in Europe). A friend of mine who lives in another Indian city has been writing to me about the situation but feels she cannot afford to go public with her views or her information. I am saddened, appalled by her silence, but I do understand it. I am grateful that she immediately called my attention to the incredible fuss that a recent article written by Johann Hari in the English language Statesman has caused. Hari asks why religion cannot be criticized or rather why only some religions cannot be criticized. Unbelievably, by February 12th, the editors of the Statesmen who published Hari’s piece were arrested for “offending Islam.”

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