Opinionator: On the attacks on an art gallery in the UK.

The Opinionator offers the article posted below with several links to events which have occurred in the UK. Many of these events where reported here on Vlad and elsewhere. Each as isolated incidents range from a minor ‘Hey Martha!’ to an ‘I can’t believe this is actually happening’ but taken together there is no excuse for not recognizing it for what it is. Policy.

The leftists and Islam operate on levels from tacit collusion to overt alliance to crush dissent, to end debate and to establish clear rules of what is permissible to say and by extension to think. It’s past the point where I worry about whether or not what I am saying is over the top or exaggerated. I’m no longer sure that it’s even possible to exaggerate the kinds of changes taking place in the western democracies when you hear the likely next president of the United States say publicly “five days from now we will fundamentally change America” and people do not find this a worrying statement.

As Australia enacts internet restrictions for ostensibly noble goals one should know that its inevitable that these restrictions will be applied to political thought and most likely disguised as restrictions on hate speech. The EU like the UN is frantically drafting legislation that will allow them to act against anyone who challenges their attempt at hegemony and again they will use the language of political correctness to make it appear benign while they strip away rights of protest and perhaps most importantly rights to individualism.

What does all this have to do with the article below?

Multiculturalism and the ‘new-speak’ concepts of tolerance and political correctness all have this as a lowest common denominator…

The most intolerant group sets the rules for the rest of us. This most intolerant group, is clearly Islam.

Eeyore for Vlad.


A UK artist is the victim of a muslim campaign of violence against her, her artwork, and the gallery displaying her art. October 31,2008 UPDATE – Sarah Maple is now receiving death threats.

“Windows and doors at the SaLon Gallery in west London were smashed after a series of abusive, anonymous phone calls and angry protests about the images from Muslims. The gallery has complained to police……..Staff had to call police last week after an angry woman came in to complain. “She was in a full burqa and was irate and upset. Her behaviour was quite threatening,” added the spokeswoman.” LINK to this article HERE

Young muslim artist, Sarah Maple, is currently exhibing a painting of a muslim woman cradling a pig.

Certainly tame by Western standards but such artistic expression has been known to cause loud outcries, protests & death threats even murder murder – from the Religion of Peace-ers.

Whether by dhimmi overreaction or dhimmi fear of muslim overreaction – the pig has become an outcast in the sausage & mash loving Great Britain . For example:

School bans pig stories

Church school renames The Three Little Pigs to avoid offending muslims

Historic statue of wild boar won’t return to Derby Arboretum as it offends muslims (later reinstated after 2,000 people signed petition in protest of the removal)

Pub Owner gets 2 year Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) for putting up joke sign stating “Porking Yard” instead of Parking Lot

Muslims Win Pig Toy Ban

Piggy Banks banned “offend muslims”

All of the above sounds pretty ludicrous to Western minds and freedoms – yet we continuously allow muslim “sensitivities” to dicate and remove benign objects from our daily lives.- but clearly Islam is not about freedom of thought or deeds.- or inculcation into Western societies – in fact the reverse is happening in the UK.

So Sarah Maple’s efforts to blend Western and Islamic cultures has brought her, and the gallery that displays her artwork, condemnation from the Muslim Association of Britain as well as the typical muslim punitive reaction and intimidation. Clearly not just “sensitivities” are at play. We can only hope that the gallery and artist will hold their ground and not buckle under muslim vandalism and noisy protests. Or that such protests won’t devolve into further violence such as the recent muslim gang’s fire-bombing of a book publisher’s home,

Unfortunately, muslim violence has a way of curbing artistic expression and permanently changing Western cultures and laws thus it appears that the British and European governments are well on the path to Dar al-Islam or succumbing to the House of Submission.

Article in full:

Gallery showing Sarah Maple’s pig painting suffers wave of threats and vandalism

Samir Ceric, the director of the SaLon Gallery, in Notting Hill, west London, which is holding the exhibition, tells me that it has been subjected to a campaign of violence and intimidation, culminating in its glass frontage being smashed. “This criminal behaviour is a manifestation of cowardice and lack of openness to engage in a dialogue,” he says. “It is also an attempt to impede the freedom of expression to which all citizens of the UK are entitled.”

After a string of menacing emails and anonymous telephone calls, a woman wearing a burka visited the gallery earlier this week and threatened staff. The vandalism took place on Tuesday and was recorded on CCTV. The gallery now has 24-hour police protection.

Sarah, 23, who is Muslim, says: “The Islamic-themed pieces I’ve done were about integrating eastern and western cultures and questioning whether we can successfully combine the two, or whether we need a bit more understanding.”

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  1. This will eventually reach a crisis point where the ‘western’ view will finally not be able to compromise. What else can anyone do at that point? Violence will become commonplace. It must if one side has little skill and no interest in compromising.

  2. I’m not sure where the compromise should be exactly. If one side says each is free to pursue their own path and the other side believes all must follow the collective path of their beliefs then compromise means dumbing down to intolerance. Libertarian or liberal views are already the most open this planet has ever seen. Islam is not about compromise but prosletising by force. The central dogma of Islam is that while they cannot compel belief they can demand all live under Sharia law and this is taking place in rapid increments in all nations where Muslims are over a few percent. In essence, civil wars at a coarse street level is inevitable if Western governments do not begin to entrench the values of their indigenous peoples. Even with this Islam is the victor as governments prefer to use force on those most likely to comply with it and this would be the Europeans.

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