Lowell Green does a brave show on ‘Infidel’ Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s excellent book

I could write buckets about what is said and mostly what is not said on this show. Its a live call in radio show common in the US but rare in Canada and this show is a gem. While I of course with the benefit of hindsight imagine I could have done it better, for Canada, this is amazing courageous and important. The more journalists who speak out about the facts of Islam as Lowell Green does, the less likely are further terrorist attacks, killing of objectors to Islam such as Theo Van Gogh and the many others who have been killed as well as people currently on death lists by Islamic groups.

Please click read the rest of this article to get to the audio MP3s of this show.

As the most excellent Fjordman suggests, ridicule and isolation is the best way to end this nonsense. I might add, its an old axiom that suggests shining light on the dark squiggly things tends to make them scurry for cover.

If more of us where as courageous as Green, then perhaps the rest of us can reclaim freedom of speech in the west and dis-empower terrorists who would use extortion fear violence and intimidation to stop it. Organisations like the Canadian Human Rights Commission and all its provincial subsidiaries would become stories future generations would tell about the bad old days.

I think the first few and last segments are the best personally.

I shall post it in segments.

Lowell Green on Hirsi Ali’s Infidel     
 1st segment

Second segment same show     
third segment Ali Show     
segment 4     
segment 5     
Segment 6     
Segment 7     
Segment 8     

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