Vienna: Silent Night, Violent Night

An original translation from Kronen Zeitung:

Violence Against Officers
Dec. 26, 2017
Vienna: Thugs break female police officer’s hand

After three on-duty Viennese police officers were wounded, in part seriously, by thugs on Christmas Eve, the next attack on an officer followed on Christmas Day: Downtown, four men, who were involved in a fist fight, broke the woman’s hand.

According to police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer, the officers were alerted around 7 PM. The reason was a fist fight between four men at Fleischmarkt.
The officers wanted to calm down the situation, but the thugs immediately turned against the police and attacked them verbally and physically. The officer was taken to hospital with a fracture. Her colleagues arrested the perpetrators. They are four Russian citizens from Chechnya at the ages of 19, 20, 22 and 30 years.

Kneed the officer in the back of his neck
On Christmas Eve, three Chechens, a Georgian, and an Afghan attacked police officers in a restaurant at Vienna Stadtbahnbögen. An 18-year-old kneed an officer in the back of his neck from behind. The officer suffered a concussion and bruises. Another policeman was wounded on the shoulder and another on the nose.