[Updated] Berlin: Mass Fight Between Turk and Arab Police Students

UPDATE: this incident took place in January 2017 (original story here).

Berliner Kurier broke it as a new incident on December 23. They have since taken it offline, so the link below won’t work anymore. We apologize. We always double-check. This mistake though was made by Berliner Kurier. They now took their story offline without explanation and without a retraction so we researched and found out why. If we make a mistake, we set it right and inform our readers; we don’t just quietly delete a page.

An original translation from Berliner Kurier:
Charlottenburg –
Mass fight in Berlin

Police Students Go Off
Large Police Unit Had To Move In!


Police operation in their own ranks: In Berlin, more than two police students came to blows and started a fight.

All this while our future guardians of law and order should be role models. Mid-last week, allegedly, a large police unit of a hundred officers were called to the cafeteria of the police academy Charlottenburger Chaussee.

Trainers wanted to mediate
First reports said that there was a mass fight between police students. Moreover, there were several injured – among them trainers. Shortly after the operation, allegedly there was an order to manage the affair “internally”.

It is still unclear whether this is true indeed. But “Berliner Kurier” knows from a reliable source that first, an argument, and then a brawl, broke out between police trainees of Turkish and Arabic background.

Allegedly, police internally are well aware that there have been repeated conflicts between these two ethnic groups.

For background information:

Berlin police: “This is the enemy in our own ranks”, Nov. 1, 2017 – a police trainer describes hate, non-compliance and violence in migrant-heavy police academy classes.

The Berlin Police chief responsible for the current situation, explaining already in 2012 how she was going to improve the police by “diversifying” it: