Berlin police: “This is the enemy in our own ranks”

An original translation from Die Welt:

Hate, Noncompliance, Violence:
Stir about an audio recording regarding conditions at police academy
By Michael Behrendt, November 1, 2017

  • An anonymous voice recording is causing a stir at the police Berlin.
  • Allegedly, there is hate and violence in a class taken by many migrants in this Berlin police school. The man who made the recording is, in his own account, an instructor at the academy.

In the police Berlin, an audio file is causing a stir. In it, an instructor is complaining about insupportable conditions at the police academy Berlin in the district of Spandau. Die Welt have obtained the recording.

There is no doubt of the authenticity of the recording, police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf tells the Deutsche Presse-Agentur on Wednesday. „We will closely inspect the school and speak to students and instructors about shortcomings.“

The man, who says he is an instructor at the academy, laments hate, refusal to learn, and violence, in a class with many police students with migration background: „I was an instructor at the police academy. I have never seen anything like this before. The class room looked like sh*t, half of them Arabs and Turks, insolent as shi*t. Dumb. Couldn’t articulate themselves.“

German colleagues allegedly were „threatened with violence“. He were „truly scared of them“. The lament of the – real or alleged [police Berlin did confirm the authenticity of the speaker – translator] – instructor culminates in the conclusion: „This will become a two-class police, which will be corrupt with no end.“ And: „They aren’t colleagues, they are the enemy. This is the enemy in our own ranks.“

Police Chief Klaus Kandt said upon enquiry that he confidentially received the anonymous voice mail from a coworker last week. „The head of the police school was subsequently asked to clarify the issue and the situation in the class. Without anticipating the results, it is my firm conviction that it is the duty of the police academy to socialize the students in a way so that they will show discipline, politeness and appreciation in their interactions with each other as well as with their superiors and the people of the city.“

The Police Union (Gewerkschaft der Polizei, GdP) announced that they knew of the problems but that their hands were bound without concrete hints. „We know this audio file, and it worries us, because it is not the first such statement about the academy“, says GdP spokesman Benjamin Jendro. „But our problem is that noone has contacted us so far.“ Despite repeated offers for talks, no one who witnessed such extreme conditions contacted them. „It is nothing tangible, always just hearsay“, said Jendro to the dpa. But it were striking that the accusations were always made against people with migration background. Additionally, none of the other police institutions in Berlin had said anything comparable. In one case it was quite evident that the accusations could not possibly be true [Welt here somehow forget to mention that in other cases though, it was established that police students were dealing with drugs and selling hot goods from burglaries on the premises of the academy – translator.] Jendro urged anyone who knew of anything to get in contact.

Marcel Luthe, spokesman for inner politics of the FDP Berlin, chided the lowering of the human resources standards at the police Berlin: „The complete lack of ideas“ of the vice police president responsible for recruitment were showing first results. The goal should be, „to win the best of each year for the police, and not to take anyone you can get. Additional qualifications in language and culture are wonderful*, but just an add-on to the very minimum requirements of language competency and social skills. Someone who does not have these does not belong with the police Berlin.“

* (a hint to the political objective to increase migrants in the German police force. The percentage of migrant trainees at this particular academy is 36% – translator)

Translator’s note:
We are reminded of this photo which surfaced in April 2016, and which we already published back then: Someone in the uniform of the police Berlin, wearing a so-called “Ring of the Ottomans”, and making a salute of the “Grey Wolves”, Turkish fascists.

The salute of the Turkish fascists. Source: Facebook, April 2016

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  1. The Merkel regime goes deeper and deeper into its swamp. Who support that regime, the same political correct thugs whose political correct ancestors supported Hitler.

  2. This reminds me of a GoV essay where the author was speaking about the fall of the Roman Empire. It was not necessarily fatal for them to introduce large numbers of barbarians into their society but once the barbarians started getting into the army – particularly, in leadership positions – the end was nigh.

  3. Angela Merkel’s disastrous immigration legacy, as the Trojan Horse empties its illicit cargo on the streets of a once proud Germany!

  4. When push comes to shove how many of the Europeans in the German Police are going to support the people against the government and the non European police? I ask this because this and other things happening in Europe say that open war between the various ethnic and religious groups is very close.

    The next wave of refugees fleeing to North America and Australia will be ethnic European and Christians from the Middle East who made it to Europe who are fleeing for their lives.

    We have to fight to remain free because there is no place left to flee to, we don’t have space drives to go to other planets in this Solar System or FTL drives to go to different stars. North America is the last refuge North America will be the last stand of Freedom, we win or lose it all based on who wins this war.

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