Documentary on Vaccines that Youtube took down after a day

I have no idea who these people are, or if this is factually correct or not.

I do know that one should resent a government or a company that takes it upon itself to determine what is ‘true’ and then forbid you to see what it deems to be ‘not true’. So here it is again.

This video had over 1M views before it was taken down after about a day or two on Youtube.

Thanks to PePi for bringing this to us.

Anyone knowledgable in these sciences please feel free to post your opinion of this video in the comments. Posting it is not an endorsement. It is rather a strike against government-corporate tyranny.

Harriet sent us this:

Fox News’ Laura Ingram comments on YT censorship of the 2 Cali Doctors

More on the two doctors who tried to present another angle on the Covid policies of lockdown

The viral video which was taken down by Youtube:

A good comment under the FOX youtube video:

When they took down Alex Jones, they announced that no one is immune to their censorship, and FOX did not defend Alex.. soon Fox will be censored also. Meanwhile CNN and MSNBC still put out FAKE NEWS and democrat propaganda no one has censored them.
This seems like a good time for the overused poem, “When they came for the…”

Google is “a highly biased, political machine”