Google is “a highly biased, political machine”

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  1. There are other search engines that work fine. Why don’t Christians use them? We switched to Bing a few years ago and don’t miss Google at all. Google tracks your data and sells it, Bing doesn’t. We find everything on Bing, it works fine. It’s easy to switch, just start using it. There is another, Duckduckgo, I haven’t used that one but I’m sure it’s fine. If Christians cared enough about these things to modify their own behavior, we wouldn’t have the problems we are having. People love to moan about things, but if it costs them the tiniest bit, they are too lazy to do it. This is one area where the liberals have it all over us.
    I used Facebook quite a bit up to a few months ago. They sent me a warning about “hate speech” because of a comment I made on a website criticizing the Boy Scouts for allowing homosexual leaders. I quit them that day and haven’t been back. I told them why. Come on friends, actions, not just words.

    • It should not be about Christians. It should be about objective web searches.
      Not what you are particularly interested in, there are websites for that.
      And BTW, I am a devout anti-Francis Christian.

    • It’s easy to switch, just start using it.

      Only if you don’t despise Microsoft.

      Between Microsoft, Intel, and IBM personal computing was set back thirty years.

      Back in 1984, when the Macintosh first came out, IBM should have gone to Apple, opened up their wallet and asked, “How much?” Had that happened then, Redmond, Washington still might be a small town.

      Everything would have been so much easier and today, Bill Gates wouldn’t be destroying Africa by trying to cure malaria (one of the Dark Continent’s only truly effective population regulators).

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