UPDATED: Islam critic assaulted twice at Danforth Toronto. No arrests

H/T Xanthippa

Here is what I think is the same fellow. Possibly same day, possibly the 26th. It is the poorest quality video I have seen for several years. It would look better drawn in crayon in a flip book. But the text of the sign can be found in the comments.

What we see in both videos, is a culture of sanctimony in Canada, where people’s moral certainty has become so strong in its Marxist replacement for reasoning, that they absolutely feel entitled to wreak violence on people behaving peacefully but with a message they do not like.

I have not heard of anything like this against Islamic preachers of genocide, hatred for women or non-muslims, or those preaching that people who do not believe in islam should be killed. And there is a lot of those in Toronto, like everywhere else. But this is getting as common as attacking people in Trump hats.

Canada is a communist country now and a totalitarian one, not driven by a uniformed stasi-force, although it is indeed assisted by them as we have seen in the top video and elsewhere, but by the average leftist on the street. Pumped up with the courage of moral certainty, like a Catholic from the Middle Ages legends tell us, ready to slay for God. Or a large percentage of Muslims in fact today waging jiahd for Allah.

PS: If anyone can find a properly filmed and uploaded video for the second one, please send it in the comments.

The sign read:

For those who want to know the sign says “Some women may even enjoy being beaten as a sign of love and concern.” And there is a link to a website islamicbooth.ca  .. And his T shirt apparently read “Stop Islam, Save Humanity”…

The above is quoting a Canadian imam. I think from the Toronto Majid, but certainly from text books widely available in Toronto.

Global News did a piece on this which is actually not as full on Pravda as they often do in these matters.


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23 Replies to “UPDATED: Islam critic assaulted twice at Danforth Toronto. No arrests”

  1. “Nazi”, “son of a bitch”, “child murderer”: Brutal attack of presumably Afghans on German soldiers in the town of Bad Hersfeld — After the attack on two soldiers of the Bundeswehr in the town of Bad Hersfeld, the State Security Commissioner of the police headquarters in East Hesse has started the investigation. The officers are now looking for witnesses to the incident. Last Wednesday morning, around 6:00 a.m., the 19-year-old victim in uniform was on foot in the street “Eisfeld”. He was waiting for a comrade with whom he wanted to go to work together. On the way he met three men who insulted him with the words “Nazi”, “son of a bitch” and “child murderer”. Besides, the three spat on him. To confront him, the injured man stopped, whereupon the men suddenly hit him in the face, so that he went to the ground. Lying on the ground, they stepped on him. Fortunately, his comrade came to his aid at that moment. He succeeded in pulling an accused away from the victim lying on the ground, who immediately fled to Antoniengasse street. One of the other two perpetrators tried to punch the person providing help in the face, the other hit him in the back with his fist, then both fled in the same direction. After the brutal attack on two Bundeswehr soldiers, the state police is investigating first clues to the perpetrator trio, but still has no hot leads. In addition, a police spokesman specified the description of the perpetrators at the request of the newspaper HNA: the two Bundeswehr soldiers are said to have testified that the attackers could have been Afghans. In their call to witnesses, the police first reported perpetrators with “very brown skin”.–
    Read more:

    • “Nazi”, “son of a bitch”, “child murderer”: Brutal attack of presumably Afghans on German soldiers in the town of Bad Hersfeld

      the 19-year-old victim in uniform was on foot in the street “Eisfeld”. He was waiting for a comrade with whom he wanted to go to work together. On the way he met three men who insulted him with the words “Nazi”, “son of a bitch” and “child murderer”. Besides, the three spat on him. To confront him, the injured man stopped, whereupon the men suddenly hit him in the face, so that he went to the ground.

      In less constrained terms, Liberals would call this, “Three-On-One” (in another of their favorite sexual scenarios). Something that Islam, regardless of circumstance or appropriateness, seems to consider an entirely acceptable problem-solving tool, on the street or in bed (or yust the local back alley).

      Alla yez, let’s just take a brief moment to consider all the squealing, shrieking, and howling when Islam realizes that Three-Hundred-Thousand on One emerges as a useful countermeasure. Loud enough for you ummah-types yet, eh? This is, “Massively Disproportionate Retaliation”, and something which Muslims simply couldn’t beg for more conspicuously than in the way they @ss-up pray prey in such a conspicuously public manner.

      I continue to optimistically speculate about the hypothetical efficacy of performing available DNA (i.e., mitochondrial analysis) on all jihadist attackers and their remains—identifying their home villages—and making those terrorist hives, however small or large, simply disappear in clouds of thermobaric (i.e., MOAB) detonations.

      In a temporary lapse of reason genuinely rare glimpse of the obvious, perhaps Muslim families might begin to comprehend how merely allowing their spawn to be indoctrinated in madrassahs, and then travel the world whilst gunning down whatever sundry innocents, might not be such a good idea.

      Again, hypothetically, it easily might require the astonishingly rapid “disappearance” of several dozen, or hundreds, of these international jihadist kennels to establish renewed Western military credentials. Nevertheless, I still remain eternally hopeful that (whatever few surviving Muslim relatives) all come to realize just how supremely unwise their allowance of unsupervised (or even encouraged) youth attendance at nearby Salafist mosques may not have been the wisest of choices.

      Especially as they crawl out of the cratered, smoking ruins of their once thriving village…

      These ‘unwise choices’ had best be embroidered with Western depictions (or direct physical demonstrations) of the unlasting hell which awaits those who insist upon being so interminably hostile to the West. As in: “Go ahead and hate, then see where that gets you” (i.e., “Keep stabbing, we’re reloading”).

      These Muslim loons, especially the “Palestinians”, are amongst this world’s most hapless fü¢kwits, EVER!

      Why planet earth is so slow on handing out all of these intensely merited Darwin Awards remains a complete and total mystery. The only takeaway is that Mother Nature may be looking more towards sane human beings to assist her in these onerous chores. So be it…

      • Why spend all that money on MOABs?
        Assad’s barrel bombs destroy home villages and cost next to nothing. Indiscriminate bombing’s not nice, but it’s cheap, and gets the job you’re describing done.

        But the West finds it nearly impossible even to name the enemy, let alone fight back. Considers the death penalty for mass murderers to be barbaric. Europe figures a life sentence to max out at 25 years.

        That’s the issue. It won’t be resolved around a conference table, or incrementally. Something will snap, and BAMN.

        • Why spend all that money on MOABs?

          A (hydroelectric) dam fine question, yucki!

          Throughout its entire existence, Islam has depended upon so-called, “shock and awe” measures (i.e., literal mountains of skulls). Whilst I’d prefer remaining a fan of “measured response”, the 9-11 Atrocity sorta washed all of that out with the rinse cycle, eh?

          MOABs (Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bombs or GBU-43/Bs) are, relatively, easy-to-deliver (one or three B-52s) somewhat inexpensive, and provide immediate, indisputable (i.e., fallout-free but near-nuclear) results.

          Even various resolution orbital satellites are all-too capable of imaging the sea-level “landscaping services” that just a bare few MOABS can furnish (even without advance scheduling or any bothersome two-week-in-advance, painstakingly hand-calligraphed, Black-Border-Invitations!). Ya, jist gotta lubs America’s military capabilities.

          Some KC-135 Stratotankers, plus a B-52 and a backup Stratofortress or three and—Hey Presto!—No mo’ terrorist hive. At least until next time.

          Be that as it may, when entire terrorist, familial gene pools are being shock chlorinated, even the most retarded, pedophile, göat-hümpïng, polygamous, genocidal, cousin-marrying, wife-beating sack-of-Shiite, still might tend to blink awake and take some sorta notice.

          If not, maybe they yust need to be next on the Christmas List™.

          At present, Islam seems to require several cycles of “mow-and-blow”, “preheat for 30 minutes”, “lather-rinse-and-repeat”, plus a few dozen sessions of “fold, spindle, and mutilate” that adequately diagram (for them, at least) Muslim Overreach™.

          When they become intimately familiar with the notion of not exceeding their strategic capabilities, p’raps this world might become a quieter and gentler place. If not, “lather-rinse-and-repeat”!

          It’s long past tea for Muslims to get a taste of the mayhem they’ve been inflicting on others for well over a millennia

          • It’s long past tea for Muslims to get a taste of the mayhem they’ve been inflicting on others for well over a millennia…

            You have to use barbaric means to stop barbarians, they consider civilized means to be a sign of weakness. The left has destroyed civilization so the use of barbaric means to stop Islam isn’t too far down the road. The big difference between what we will do and what they are doing is we have much higher tech to use in our barbaric acts.

            • You have to use barbaric means to stop barbarians…

              Too right, Richard!

              ‘Fighting Fire With Fire’, eh? Howsabout lighting off several DOZEN “backfires”?!?

              Every so often, the historic record furnishes all involved with idiomatic (i.e., untranslatable terms) that invite the very worst imaginable outcomes.

              In recent times, Pearl Harbor was one of them. The 9-11 Atrocity was another vivid specimen … DO WE REALLY NEED ANOTHER EXAMPLE!?!

              This entire, mindless, MME Meghilla so totally invites Massively Disproportionate Retaliation that even such Mellow-Harshing© vitriol as mine remains subatomically insignificant. Eh?

          • “Shock & awe” are second nature for savages who find the synbol for aloha snackbar on a shoe logo, or in a tomato. Then kill each other over it.

            Elaborate fantasies.
            NR: You're just dying to play with your MOABs and tidy nukes. I can tell.

            Keep your ROE for tardish population control simple.

            Go for the pigs. Or just tell ’em they’re pigs, or pig excrement. Put it in firehoses. Drop barrels of it.

            Or just threaten.
            See what happens. Proceed accordingly.

            • NR: You’re just dying to play with your MOABs and tidy nukes. I can tell.

              YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG, Dear Yucki.

              I’m not some raving war hawk seeking eternal conflict. Nor, (many thanks to you, good yucki) am I some Tikkun Olam imbecile.

              I certainly feel free in being invited for every last scolding or whinging. The lot of us have been dragged through veritable warehouses of them.

              My only promise to you is that these sharia-friendly opportunities only will present themselves in more-frequently and intensely violent scenarios .

        • LIke NR said shock and awe, or we could just kill some men at random and bury them with pigs, the locals would stop the terrorists from using their neighborhood to save their selves adn families from such a burial.

          • LIke NR said shock and awe, or we could just kill some men at random and bury them with pigs…

            Thank you, Richard. After this many years of studying Islam and its stupefying superstitions, I am now firmly in your “Blackjack Pershing” camp. As a scientific person, it outrages me to even consider resorting to such primitive lunacy.

            Then again, few better descriptions of Islam are more exact than, “primitive lunacy“. Attempting to carry forward Iron Age values into the 21st century should merit a BRICK WALL Darwin Award™ all by itself.

            Even as Muslims around the world weaponize our finest legal traditions and cultural practices, so must the West begin to play upon every last vulnerability and weakness Islam has to offer, like a farking Stradivarius!

            I still maintain that less than a few dozen or hundred targeted assassinations of top echelon clerics, financiers, scholars, and politicians could bring much of global jihad to a screeching halt.

            At the same time, it is obligatory to note how ISIS—through deft manipulation of Social Media and its coterie of slobbering High-Tech-Whores®—rapidly is nullifying this once-efficacious strategy. Such an escalation of global jihad predicts only one thing:

            An inevitable escalation into Massively Disproportionate Retaliation.

            Instead of disappearing villages and towns, it will be entire large cities or chunks of infrastructure (i.e., refineries, hydroelectric dams, port facilities or vital bridges) that are flattened or just-plain-vaporized.

            SIDEBAR: In the prescribed handling of hazardous materials, there is a factor that’s known as the TLV (Threshold Limit Value)—occasionally accompanied by the term, “time weighted average”. It refers to how much daily exposure a worker can have to whatever haz-mat substance and not experience any decreased life expectancy.

            To continue: Whilst nearly everyone involved adamantly refuses to admit anything of the sort: Planet Earth long-ago exceeded its TLV—specifically regarding exposure to Islam and jihad—(for many decades, if not for many centuries). This psychosocial chancre cancer is metastasizing at a furious rate which has been overtaxing this world’s resources since its very inception.

            Those who pretend that Global Civilization© has any chance of nonviolently resisting, surviving or defeating this latest (stupidly high-tech equipped) Muslim incursion upon Free Thought rapidly are (unwitting or even knowing) accomplices to it and, thereby, are becoming The Enemy™.

    • That is par for the course these days.

      Maybe it’s time to do some “handicapping on those greens”, eh?

      Made you smile!!!

  2. This man has guts. Those yelling “shame” need to face 50 younger men with his resolve. They wouldn’t find it so funny.

    • This man has guts. Those yelling “shame” need to face 50 younger men with his resolve.

      I’d wager, just one Texas Ranger or a USMC PFC would be required.

      Those who have no idea of hell are the ones that most gladly enter it.”

      Yust made that up!!!

      I freely admit to never having served time in America’s military. None of you ever will know the tremendous prices I paid serving as a high-tech Cold Warrior in Silicon Valley. Thank goodness, because it’s nobody’s damn business but mine (and probably better that way).

    • My god how many times will we see this charade play out. Remember that lady in Hyde Park? The cops here are conspicuously in synch with the British cops, which means disaster for Canada. It also must mean that right now, as I write this, policemen with integrity across Canada are seriously considering alternative employment. I just wonder, then, if this assumption can be tested. How many cops want to quit because of what they know they cannot do on the job? Or must do? How many cops practice FIDO? How many cops are afraid to be perceived as bigots? Racists? Homophobes. All the rest? How many see their organizations hijacked by all of the pomo nonsense?

      After all, we’re talking about the thin blue line between order, and chaos. Cops need an outlet to speak, but with anonymity.

      • You are right, the cops I know down here say that the ones in Britain and Canada are worried about their pensions, most have so much time on the job they can’t quit without losing their pension and risk utter poverty in their old age. Any of the younger ones who remain on the job are either agreeing with their political masters or are too dumb to realize what is coming.

        The left is destroying the thin blue line between order and chaos (hat tip Johnnyu) thinking that they can not only survive the chaos but thrive and win in that environment. What they don’t realize is that in chaos the people who can think for themselves and can improvise, adapt and overcome will be the ones who thrive and win in the coming chaos. The coming situtation calls for the hard men the left despise and push out the door.

    • Utterly surreal! Totally exposed (in every sense of the word) loons who are incapable of comprehending that their beach has become, instead, a beachhead.

      All I can anticipate is an upcoming military campaign—insanely more expensive than the Sandbox, Vietnam, Korea, or even WWII—being required to secure European nuclear weapons and dual-use technologies from these Islamic invaders.

      Worst of all is how these recent generations of “snowflakes” have been totally disarmed by those whose oath of career demanded unbiased instruction.

      May the past few successive cadres of Liberal Academics all rot in eternal hell.

      Harpies constantly prodding them in their most sensitive personal regions using barbed tridents and the most imaginatively painful ways would merely be icing on the “flake”.

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