Germany: Journalist Sentenced to Six Months Jail for Publishing Historic Photo

[EDITOR’S NOTE: When this article was first written and published, it mistakenly said the photo was Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem at the time, and Adolph Hitler. It is indeed Amin al-Husseini but it is NOT Adolph Hitler. The article has been subsequently corrected. Sorry to all for the error, and this may explain the confusion in the comments. I hope this clears it up.]

August 18, 2017
GERMANY – A district court in Munich earlier today sentenced German journalist Michael Stürzenberger to six months in jail and an additional 100 hours of charitable work for publishing this photo in his Facebook timeline.
It shows A ranking Nazi, and Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, shaking hands in 1941 in Berlin.

Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and a high ranking Nazi, Berlin 1941

Along with the photo, he had written a review of an article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, ‘Hakenkreuz und Halbmond’ (“Swastika and Crescent Moon”) about the National Socialists’ admiration for Islam, and mentioned his own review of that Süddeutsche article in PI-News.

For this post, in particular the photo, the court found Stürzenberger guilty of “disseminating propaganda of anti-constitutional organizations”.
Prosecution had accused Stürzenberger of “inciting hatred towards Islam” and “denigrating Islam” by publishing the photo. A superficial onlooker, prosecution argued, could not know that this black and white photo in Stürzenberger’s timeline was a historical document.

According to PI-News, the sentence might be given as a suspended sentence for three and a half years.

Thank you Ava Lon for translating Stürzenberger’s original FB post:

“The realization that Islam is a fascist ideology was made presentable two years ago by the Egyptian political scientist Hamed Abdel-Samad with his book Islamic Fascism. Even though this was already clear to former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (“The Koran is the Mein Kampf of the Prophet Mohammed”), but political correctness has long prevented this fact from being openly stated. The Bavarian interior minister Joachim Herrmann has now also jumped on that train and compares Mein Kampf with the warlike announcements of the Islamic state that can be read on the Internet.From there to the Koran is only a small step, which he doesn’t dare yet take. The Süddeutsche Zeitung, in an article on Friday, describes the Nazi pact with Islam and also quotes important statements by Himmler and Hitler. More information at Politically Incorrect.”

The Facebook post that Michael Stürzenberger was sentenced to 6 months for.

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  1. As Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is fond of quoting:

    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

    — George Orwell

    This is just further proof that Germany’s Deep State has gone entirely off the rails. Mere revisionism does not even begin to accurately describe the depraved depths of this historic “sanitizing”. I fear that only executions will solve this pernicious problem.

      • The possibility of a peaceful, political solution ended several years ago.

        I must regretfully agree with you. That said, I have ZERO regrets with respect to what it will take to free Europe from its claque of predatory Communist apparatchiks.

        This recent “immigrant” excrescence needs to be scraped off of Europe’s shoes like so much pet excrement.

    • The person supposed to be Hitler doesn’t even look like him.That is a balding large sized man and appears to be Rohm the leader of the Brown shirts who was killed by Hitler.None the less the association with the two Evils is not diminished.

    • Orwell saw it coming. Shows how little real democracy there is in the EUSSR. Sad day when you are jailed for publishing history. Could be Julius Streicher, don’t know how anyone could mistake the Nazi in the photo for Hitler.

  2. Once again the Germans are going to sit on their hands while their government leads them into starting the Third World War. They started the first two world wars and lost both !! How is it that Germany lost the last two world wars they started and they are the financial powerhouse of the EU ??? I believe it is because they never paid what they should have paid in retribution !! Germany should have been left with very little wealth !!

    • “I believe it is because they never paid what they should have paid in retribution !! Germany should have been left with very little wealth !!”
      I believe your quote is exactly the reason they started WWII. Essentially the Treaty of Versailles did exactly that, So your reading of history is underwhelming.

    • John Marks is right, the surrender of Germany in WWI occured before the allied armies entered Germany so the German people believed the BS that the soldiers were betrayed by the politicians. This combined with the looting of Germany by the European Allies is what allowed Hitler to take power. He then pushed the idea of betrayal by the politicians and then lost the war because he wouldn’t listen to the Generals on how it should be fought. There are a minimum of a dozen times that Hitler ignored the Generals and missed a chance to either end the war or extend it until the “Wonder Weapons” could be brought on line.

    • As so many people in the world David is misinformed about Germany “starting the two world wars”. Please read the the French diplomat’s Henri Pozzie’s books ” La Guerre Revient, Black Hand over Europe and The Guilty one’s of Our Century”. Be enlightened!

    • Germany started NEITHER WWI nor WWII. Read your history books. War was declared FIRST by Great Britain and France, in BOTH wars! ! ! !

        • The invasion of the whole of eastern Europe by the USSR, whose upper echelons were almost exclusively Jewish, was the final impetus that sent Germany into Poland, along with the Danzig question and the many attacks by Poland on ethnic Germans in the former German territory.

          “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.

          It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

          Aleksander Solzhenitsyn

            • I missed that comment. Normally i don’t approve that sort of thing but I missed it that time. But is that an actual quite by the Russian writer, or was he quoting someone else? Or is that a fabrication. I find that antisemites often invent evidence of Jewish crimes to justify what is essentially an article of faith on their parts.

                • Yucki
                  It is historical fact that many Jews did belong to communist party, that percentage of Jews being in the party was disproportionately high compared to the percentage of Jews in the population and many were in the top leadership of communists party. The possible explanation is that the communists given them sense of accepted as many Jews were not being accepted in the Russian society. That being said Solzhenitsyn was wrong. It was Russians who lead, and it was Russians who directed the party.

      • No, James. You need to read more history as well as pay attention to the language you use; it is imprecise. Germany may not have DECLARED either of the wars, but it most certainly STARTED them.

  3. This is extremely bad. Please distribute these news as far and wide as possible. Merkel and her Stasi Mafia have not only let their masques slip, but are now, only a few weeks BEFORE the elections already showing their dirty hands and faces. Yes, I call the Judiciary (like the one in France) utterly politically corrupt.

    Make no mistake, they want Stürzenberger dead. Literally. He is one of the most open, courageous and articulate Islam Critics in Germany. The only reason, should he go to prison and not be killed would be that Merkel & Co simply dont emprison Merkel-Muslims/Islamist/Arabs.

    To see another side of Stürzi: With the best friend of Sophie Scholl (who only died a couple of years ago), he revived the “White Rose” (Die Weisse Rose).

    He is also a strong defender of Israel and the Jewish people which did not get him any brownie points (except of the nazi hue of brown) in Merkel’s Germany.

    One of my favorite photos of him is him standing on some platform, holding the German Flag, with close beside him a Jewish Friend, holding the Israeli flag.

    A BLACK DAY today ! (If one is still allowed to mention “black”).

  4. It’s disgusting that showing a genuine, real photograph of a historic event can land someone in jail. The EU, and the cultural marxists in the German government are chipping away at freedom of speech and freedom of thought all the time… Eventually there will be no freedom of religion either thanks to these venal and dishonest people. The political class needs to be swept away and Europe preserved for the European peoples,

  5. The ruling class is no longer the ruler of opinions via news-networks. Internet gives everyone the opportunity to express someones own opinions. Newspaper subscriptions are down. Unwanted opinions are no longer in the dark. In a desperate attempt to keep the citizen in the ranks, the help of judges is invoked. The result , as with this sentence, is often incomprehensible and ridiculess. Unacceptable to sane people in a sane society. History tells us where this ends.
    As a longer term result ,the cry for freedom of speech is going to influence the political arena.

  6. What would I do if a judge handed me a sentence like that? One more conservative word in an internet chat room and it’s off to prison with me. And what would it take for another left wing judge to charge me with something Orwellian like “conspiracy to disseminate inflammatory information”, and order that I not operate a computer for five years. I’ve heard of that. And once they’ve succeeded in shutting down our voices on the internet, the war will be over. The sheep will sit back with their popcorn and watch the “extreme right wingers” being dragged away for “spreading hate” and they will think that it all makes perfect sense because they have no idea what’s really going on. Diabolical…

    This is like World War II. We could seriously lose this. Once they have the internet there will be no hope whatsoever. They will have won. We really could lose this…

  7. “… A superficial onlooker, prosecution argued, could not know that this black and white photo in Stürzenberger’s timeline was a historical document…”

    Well ‘prosecution’ is f#cked in the head.

    A superficial onlooker would have to be a brain dead cretin who’d lived under a rock all his/her life for
    NOT knowing or realizing that the black and white photo was an historical document. It is quite clear the phpto was from WW2 era as it includes one of the most recognizable people in history.

    • Just a quick translation of what Vivi said, and the link s/he gives is worth looking at:

      Sorry onlyinFrench: But here are many Historical documents:

      Muslims massively adhered to Nazism before the outbreak of the Second World War. A totally “normal” rapprochement, as the two totalitarian ideologies have very very much in common, starting with the hatred of the Jews.

  8. “There is nothing so fretting and vexatious, nothing so justly terrible to tyrants, and their tools and abettors, as a free press.” —Samuel Adams, Boston Gazette

    “The best road of progress, is freedom’s road”
    John F Kennedy

    Free speech is a key sign post to ‘freedom’s road’. It must be fought for and kept highly visible.

    “We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people”.
    John F. Kennedy

    By the actions of many institutions and bureaucracies, it is clear they do not entrust the ‘people’.

  9. It is a shame that Germany have so little respect for the rigth to speach and expression. There is no nazi propaganda in this old picture. However, it is a fresh reminder of the two worst murder cults in history, Islam is one,- and that is the real issue here.
    The white guilty syndrome and the need to protect muslims and islam

  10. Ari Fleischer dedicates his book Taking Heat to the free press that keeps us free. This is an excellent example as to why a free press is inmportant. One one should be imprisioned for telling the truth.

  11. Just for the record, the picture posted is not Hitler, might be Julius Streicher or maybe Martin Bormann, Hitler build was smaller and he never wore anything but the Iron Cross on his chest, regardless who is on that picture it shows how weak Germany is in 2017 by charging a journalist of posting a picture and an anti Islam comment

    • Australia’s closed neighbour of oh-so-moderate Muslims. Our politicians are schmusing them to a point that it becomes embarassing. Indonesia: the future Colonial Masters of Australia.

        • Anecdotally: Australian Tax payers contribute generous financial “help” to Indonesia – some went to buy weapons or planes (forgot what sort, lost the source) from France and some – it was revealed recently went to the furthering of Islam – mosques etc. The street scape is showing more and more indonesian (islamically veiled) women.
          ATM we have a fake conservative as PM (he back-stabbed Tony Abbott who “stopped the boats”) who is only now talking tough, even mentiones “Islamism” from time to time because he has understood that he is on the outer. The way he and his FM schmused the Indonesians….stopping short before the Pope’s m.o. that is kissing their feet.

    • Hitler’s Muslim Waffen SS Nazis Praying – Islamonazism

      Members of the Osttürkischer Waffen-Verband der SS praying to Allah.

      Starring IslamoNazi Harun-el-Raschid Bey, born as Wilhelm Hintersatz, German SS commander and convert to Islam. It also features religious Muslim and first Imam of the division, SS Obermulla Nakib-Chodja Nureddin.

      Muslims also made up the majority of other SS divisions including the Handschar and Skanderbeg divisions. Hitler was quite aware of the violent nature of Islam and asked his Arab Muslim friend, the Mufti Al Husseini, to recruit Muslims from all over the world to fight for the Nazis.

      Hitler and Himmler stated that Muslim soldiers be given Halal food, set prayer times and should not forced to drink alcohol. They also advised that anyone who insulted Islam or Muslims were to be severely punished.

      • @ Martin – what a rich offering, and even with english subtitles. Thank you, just what I was looking for….the more things change the more they stay the same….
        As to what to do with this politically corrupt judge who killed Michael Stürzenberger’s ability to work in his profession and vocation ? Perhaps open the doors of the Zoo !!!

  12. please note that this is NOT the picture michael stürzenberger had posted, and it does not show hitler shaking hands… PLEASE DELETE this picture or REPLACE with the picture in question. we don’t need half-truths in this difficult-enough situation.

  13. The Nazis are obviously coming back into power in Germany: it’s already illegal to criticize them!

    (Why isn’t this statement true? I can’t see any logical fallacy with it…)

  14. Do you have a link to mainstream media confirming that this sentence actually has been given by the court – and preferably citing the content of the sentence?

  15. Everyone who pretends the global islamic crime gang is a “race” in order to defend it’s crimes while slandering its victims as “racists” is defending and enabling a murder-cult and so is complicit in its murders. The logical just and moral rights-and-responsibilities punishment for murder is DEATH.

    Otherwise, by implication, there IS a certain “race” (made up of different breeds and ethnicities) which for some unexplained genetic reason, simply must place its female members in bags, cut out their genitalia, and extort, enslave, and murder all the non-members of the race – which being thus so inherently deranged and dangerous, should be quarantined and expelled from all areas where rational, civilized humans live.

  16. Hey there! I’am a bloger from Poland and I just want to let you know that I’am currently working on an extended article about Stürzenberger’s case. Hope you don’t mind if I use your material as one of my sources. In Poland this case is widely commented – also in the context of pressures from EU and Germany on us to participate in their insane migration policy.

  17. Please forward to the German journalist, these words of Oriana Fallaci, in response to being charged with defamation of Islam (in Italy, 2005): “This trial is not against me. Nor is it a trial brought by a judge in search of publicity. It is a trial aimed at creating a Precedent, the Fallaci Case. I will not deign to honor them with my presence. This lawsuit is unacceptable, unpardonable. To distort a person’s thought, pick at a word here and another there, sew it all together with little dots, is illegitimate. Illicit. Illegal. Criminal. Contrary to every moral and intellectual decency. For shame!”

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