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7 Replies to “So far the ONLY analysis from a YouTuber on the DSA meeting that hits the damn target at all”

  1. Not all of us thought it was funny. I did laugh and then I found it frightening that all these people accepted to follow irrational demands without questioning them. And they’re all united under one word: Comrades. It reminds me of Our Brothers and Sisters (Islam).

    And then, I thought of their subtle influence on our younger generation of empty-headed kids and young adults (and there are many of them).

    And then, I thought it’s impossible the audience participants didn’t read the mocking comments which will make them angry and even more determined.

    Thus, I understand the rise of the Far-Right.

  2. I find these socialists ridiculous, dangerous, infuriating, but never harmless. And I really do not understand the rise of the “far right” when it seems to me a good portion of this group is comprised simply of those who disagree with radical leftism. That’s not far right. That’s being normal with common sense while unstable progressives buy into all the flakey propaganda. The Texas shooter wasn’t far right just because he shot non-whites. That guy was a nihilist and hated everyone, didn’t he?

    I say watch your goal posts. They’re on the move. Our society is morphing into a dangerous cocktail of the hinged and unhinged. Reacting normally to socialists’ behavior means not liking it.

    I think our false prosperity has given too many people too much time to think about too many things they’re not quite smart enough to handle.

    These same people used to work in blue-collar industries. They came home from work too tired to argue about their stupid pronouns. And they had their extended nuclear families to take care of. The smarter ones with higher education had not all been turned into political torpedos with silly degrees in social justice.

    This general animus will not be sustained. The energy required will be diverted to survival once the easy money goes poof.

    If people are so sensitive that they do jazz hands to not offend, then I say they’re not sensitive at all. They’re passively-aggressive maniacs.

  3. Excellent point. It’s a joke now, but it becomes a nightmare later, considering they become politicians and judges, and we have to live with their insane diktats.

    • Exactly. When Whittaker Chambers left communism and became a freedom loving American and Christian, he told his wife, “You realize we are leaving the winning side for the losing side?” They sounded no less insane in the 50s.

      Joe McCarthy please come back!

    • He is wrong about one thing, the DSA types aren’t going to be satisfied with the slow approach, they are the ones who are going to turn antifa loose to destroy all they can. Pelosi and company are content to take the slow approach, AOC and company are going to force the quick approach.

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