Some items on the US government, the revelations about senility and corruption in the deep state and more

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I will add them as I find them, But if you dig back in the Reader’s links over the last few days, evidence of a deep state/Obama admin and before, massive level of corruption and subversion of democracy for and by multiple vectors is thick like cream cheese in the comments.

But expect much more in this post as the day passes.


And thank you Richard, M., Norse Radish and everyone who is watching this unfold.

If President Donald Trump manages to fix the US institutions of state somehow, I hope history records him as one of the founding fathers. He will have been one in fact.


Mob of black men beat Brooklyn Jew while screaming dirty Jew.

Your Jewish News:

The anti Jewish attacks that have swept over Brooklyn New York recently have reached a shocking new level.

The Orthodox Jewish community of Brooklyn was hit with a fierce assault, a series of thefts from the synagogues and anti-Semitic vandalism targeting synagogues and Jewish neighborhoods.

The most disturbing incident of all was that a mob of six black teenagers yelling, “Dirty Jew” and “dirty kike!” while repeatedly beating Heinberg Marc, 61, while walking home from the Synagogue in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn New York on Friday night.

A thief or thieves also stole seven decorative silver piece straps worth up to $600 each, which are part of the Orthodox prayer shawls – from five synagogues in Midwood Brooklyn New York last week.

And yesterday, vandals armed with a BB gun shot out the windows of a dozen cars on Lee Avenue in Williamsburg, while a punk, wrote “F – k Jews” in 3-by-3-foot letters on the synagogue Kererster on Berry Street.