Some items on the US government, the revelations about senility and corruption in the deep state and more

More here:

And here at the NY Post

I will add them as I find them, But if you dig back in the Reader’s links over the last few days, evidence of a deep state/Obama admin and before, massive level of corruption and subversion of democracy for and by multiple vectors is thick like cream cheese in the comments.

But expect much more in this post as the day passes.


And thank you Richard, M., Norse Radish and everyone who is watching this unfold.

If President Donald Trump manages to fix the US institutions of state somehow, I hope history records him as one of the founding fathers. He will have been one in fact.


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6 Replies to “Some items on the US government, the revelations about senility and corruption in the deep state and more”

  1. Note: the Menzoid [sic] left out a very important fact: that psychiatrist from his report does not actually have her medical license. She is applying to have it reinstated, as per numerous reports in the US media.

  2. Right now the big internal question in the US is will President Trump be able to fix our broken government? I don’t know, the closer he gets to dragging all of the Sewer Rats out in the open the more temperate the left becomes. We are waiting for the scandals to get so bad the Propaganda Media can’t hide them anymore but what will happen then? Will this continue as just a legal and electoral fight or will the left shift at least part of the conflict into the streets using every weapon that has ever been invented? Will the Red States try seceding?

    These questions and more in this vein are bugging me, along with what will Soros and his incredibly rich left wing allies do?

    Off Topic maybe: How many members of the Soros funded groups around the world are the Children and Grandchildren of Nazi’s, and how many of his fellow leftist funding incredibly rich are in that category? We all know the Soros funded groups are the true fascists but how many are descended from the WWII Fascists? Is antifa the 4th Reich trying to form?

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