Mob of black men beat Brooklyn Jew while screaming dirty Jew.

Your Jewish News:

The anti Jewish attacks that have swept over Brooklyn New York recently have reached a shocking new level.

The Orthodox Jewish community of Brooklyn was hit with a fierce assault, a series of thefts from the synagogues and anti-Semitic vandalism targeting synagogues and Jewish neighborhoods.

The most disturbing incident of all was that a mob of six black teenagers yelling, “Dirty Jew” and “dirty kike!” while repeatedly beating Heinberg Marc, 61, while walking home from the Synagogue in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn New York on Friday night.

A thief or thieves also stole seven decorative silver piece straps worth up to $600 each, which are part of the Orthodox prayer shawls – from five synagogues in Midwood Brooklyn New York last week.

And yesterday, vandals armed with a BB gun shot out the windows of a dozen cars on Lee Avenue in Williamsburg, while a punk, wrote “F – k Jews” in 3-by-3-foot letters on the synagogue Kererster on Berry Street.

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14 Replies to “Mob of black men beat Brooklyn Jew while screaming dirty Jew.”

  1. The man who becomes a monkey is afraid of the Jew. Not that the Jew is any wiser but even physical slobs are convicted by a person who keeps up the faithful discipline of fitness; and so the incontinent sex-pests are convicted by a disciplined follower of The Law. Judaism makes the outside of the cup shine brightly by teaching how to be a man.

    Islam does not. It makes a male a bragging slave. His cup is dulled by sniffing around the female.

    Ignite Jesus’ teachings of liberation given to the Jewish people as he intended… and you have modern Israel. These Liberal cowards would not dare attack a ‘Kike’ there.

  2. Not just Charles Barron, NV Silver Dollar… Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wrong must be ecstatic over this.

  3. Once again in our “post racial” society that Obama’s presidency ushered in we have yet another Black on White mob attack. Before Obama we never had “flash mobs” and the almost daily Black on White assaults & murders were much lower as well.

    I am not faulting Obama for these assaults and flash mobs, I am simply pointing out this fact. I will also point out that the MSM would LOVE to point out any instances of White on Black assaults & flash mobs YET the MSM remains silent! This can only mean that there are no White flash mobs. The only instance that the MSM can harp on is the Trayvon “skittles” Martin case (which everyone knows is yet another Black teen attacking a non Black, but in this case skittles got his just dessert).

    The REAL inconvenient truth is that Black on White crime is at an all time high! The media remains silent on this important issue. Of course the left only has the response that I must be “racist” but that verbal assault no longer shuts me up. Thanks for posting this story Vlad Tepes Blog and keep up the hard work.

  4. “That’s what Jews got for voting Obama. Never again ?”

    exactly never again! Many will be even more committed to vote in Obama in order to unify the country.

  5. It has been my exprience in London that blacks are THE most racist SOBs I’ve every had the misfortune to come across in my life (with a very close second by the muslims).

  6. Buck,

    I have to disagree.

    Blacks show their racism with condescending remarks. White socialists show their racism by the actions of pity. Pity is by far the worst from of racism in my opinion.
    Pity means there is no doubt in your mind that you are superior over the one you feel bad for.

  7. The left and the black leaders (I know redundant) are pushing the nation towards a civil war, this is part of the global push to destroy civilization so the left can take over. They are aided by the MSM that are for the most part leftist.

  8. Well , according to the book the secret history of blacks and jews , it was the jews that brought them over here , you find jews are behind rape music … reaping what you sow & its probably going to get worse.

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