Bio-weapons attack in Germany and more ‘Died Suddenlys’: Links 2, January 8th, 2023

1. Iranian National arrested for a planned chemical and bio attack in Germany. Pretty much a Season 5 of Homeland attack.

2. John Campbell video from today, a serious spike in excess deaths in UK and around the world.

3. Courts uphold sex-based distinctions in school sports and restrooms, dealing setback to ACLU

(It’s amazing how the headline and the article is about the rational basis for upholding a ban on men in women’s sports, but the video is a hard-core propaganda piece to make it a hate crime to do so. Not one argument or statement in favour of stopping men from competing in sports with women in the video)

4. Actor Adam Rich has died suddenly at the age of 54. His body was found lifeless inside his home.

5. Old Dominion Basketball Player Clutches Chest And Collapses Mid-Game

(Reported died suddenly, likely of vaxx, seems to come in two categories. Insufferable sanctimonious pricks who were brutal to people who chose not to take the shots, and young or at least not very old, fit, athletes.)

Just days after Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin had to be administered CPR on the playing field after he collapsed following a play against the Cincinnati Bengals, another athlete has collapsed under what appears to be mysterious circumstances.

Old Dominion basketball player Imo Essien “had to be tended to by training staff from both ODU and Georgia Southern”, according to WAVY, after collapsing during the middle of a game this past weekend. 

Thank you all for watching these materials. Hopefully it will take us all to a place where decisions can be made, that will restore a free and healthy liberal society.


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4 Replies to “Bio-weapons attack in Germany and more ‘Died Suddenlys’: Links 2, January 8th, 2023”

  1. I posted this link of a CTV news reporter in sudden distress:

    I tried under two email accounts to send it to acquaintances and friends. The link doesn’t pass. I get nothing but a blank space. Other Twitter handles are reporting the story also, but the same issue occurs, the links don’t pass my email accounts.

    This is massive censorship. Who is responsible?

    VLAD: You’ll have to copy it and make sure you have a link attached so we can email it.

  2. DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – German police arrest Iranian man for planning chemical attack

    Police in western Germany have arrested a person suspected of plotting what they are calling an ‘Islamist-motivated’ attack.

    Prosecutors have identified the suspect as a 32-year-old Iranian citizen.

    Investigators searched his residence in the city of Castrop-Rauxel.

    A broad area around the site was cordoned off.

    Police also detained another suspect during the operation.

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