Extremely harsh story of muslim migrant rape and near murder in Sweden

Maybe book mark this and watch and read the story after New Years. This is harsh even by our standards, and is a hell of a terrible way to end the year. But reality is what it is and nothing changes if we bury our heads. Still, a few days a year, maybe we should bury them a little.

Read the story here for a clear understanding of events.

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4 Replies to “Extremely harsh story of muslim migrant rape and near murder in Sweden”

  1. The swine should be castrated, hanged by a pigskin rope, covered in pig offal and his corpse burnt. Doing nothing, showing generosity, kindness and compassion to the warlord’s scum just enables more of the same. This invading rapist would NEVER have been allowed to enter any western state preWW2.
    We once had sense. Will we ever find it again?
    Hammurabi’s Code had a reason for being and yet the current wave of “intellectuals” see it as barbaric and real justice becomes a mirage.

  2. Excerpt:


    “On October 19, the Skellefteå district court ruled that the migrant was guilty of attempted murder and aggravated rape. On November 30, the results of the forensic psychiatric investigation showed that the 15-year-old suffered from a serious mental disorder both when he assaulted Luna and now. The investigation also concluded that the risk of relapse of a crime of similar nature is high. However, the boy’s parents are fighting for him to escape compulsory care and be allowed to come home.

    On December 14, Shamse was sentenced to forensic psychiatric care with a special discharge examination by the Skellefteå district court. The court ruled that the migrant intended to kill Luna. The penalty value for an adult was equivalent to life imprisonment.”

    The parents want him home? Good. Send him, his siblings, his parents and all their extended family back HOME to Ethiopia.

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