Has Trudeau been planning for CBDC since before 2018?

We posted an amazing video last month on the true nature of CBDCs, or “Central Bank Digital Currencies”. The video in wonderfully simple terms lays out how digital currency can work, and therefore likely will. Government rarely takes on powers without using them, and then abusing them. What starts with an outwardly noble goal for the betterment of ‘society’ rapidly becomes an Orwellian nightmare.

Thinking about that video, as I do often, reminded me of two events since Trudeau became Führer.

One was how in 2018, Trudeau via Stats-Can, explained that without Canadian’s knowledge or consent, banks had been told to collect all data, non-anonymized to be perfectly clear, on half a million Canadians. This would mean all cash withdrawals, all credit card purchases, all deposits and related information and all this tied to your name, address and anything else the bank has on file about you. This was unprecedented. Stats can would usually use anonymized collected data on a cohort of Canadians without knowing which account did what. This however, was personal.

In the video below, Trudeau explains in his usual slight-of-hand way, that the non-anonymized data would never be available to the public. That is already pretty funny since Government data bases are hacked all the time. Just ask China, who usually does most of it. But he doesn’t deny that the data submitted under this program to stats-can would contain names, addresses and specifics of the people and their transactions.

I asked a branch manager about this and she contradicted the video below, which claims that banks had to volunteer the data. She said that if the government asked for this data they would have to comply. She called head office to confirm. This shows that the banks have been an arm of government for some time already, and not just when they froze accounts of contributors to the Freedom Convoy.

Thanks to an alleged banklash about this, the government claimed it would not do the program. Which almost certainly means they did the program and didn’t tell the public. After all, part of the actual plan for Stats-Can, was to not tell the 500,000 that were chosen to be watched, that they were being watched, collected, and sent to the government. So not telling the public that this was happening at all is a very small step from what was announced in the first place.

Then there was the bank account freeze from February 2022 connected with the trucker convoy.

To be clear: Although it is getting harder to find online, the banks at the behest of Trudeau did indeed freeze bank accounts of small business in Canada that contributed small sums to the freedom convoy when it was a fully legal effort. I spoke with an ice-cream shop owner personally who had their accounts frozen, and not in a delicious way, and then were doxxed by an ANONYMOUS hacker who supplied the information to the Trudeau government and somehow it found its way to the press. I was recently informed by a trusted source that this ANON hacker was either working for the FBI then, or does now.

The Press then sent out emails to people who had been doxxed in this fashion, from hacked data, not leaked; threatening them in the MSM/CBC sort of way that they had a certain amount of time to contact them before a story got written on them and how they contributed to whatever string of horrible adjectives they planned to use to describe the Freedom Convoy.

As an aside, what the FBI/Trudeau/CBC/CTV/Global news people did, is what Julian Assange is in jail for. Assange himself though, is not guilty of it as he used leaked data and not hacked.

The following tweet has text from the Washington Post which is nearly identical to emails sent to people we know personally but from Canadian enemy propaganda sites such as CBC and Global.

“Leaked”. Right. They know it’s a crime to use hacked data this way. So they just lied about how it was obtained.

Also as an aside, the term, “Occupation” (which is the rhetorical weapon of choice by enemies of freedom used to describe the protest by Canadians against the illegal and unconstitutional vaccine and travel mandates), means an armed invasion of foreign nationals who take and hold an area. The Freedom Convoy was 100% unarmed as we are learning from the inquiry in Ottawa (a kind of equivalent of the January 6th hearings) and was made up entirely of Canadian citizens.

Back to the point although granted, it takes a tow-truck to get me to do that often:

Trudeau has had dalliances with abuse of people’s finances, bank account and other personal information which could mean preparation for the launch of CBDCs. This is the ultimate slave-chain. With CBDCs the whole world is a gulag and the rules and limits can and will change moment to moment, and there will always be a collectivist reason for it, that probably most will prefer to believe rather than accept the reality of what has been done to them.

Eyes wide open please. Watch for signs of the elimination of cash.


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  3. I’m told the Ottawa Senators home rink does not accept cash at all. If you have cash, you can put it in a machine there to get it transfered to a card to use in the rink for the concession stands. Also I was told many shops/ restaurants in Ottawa don’t accept cash anymore.

    I was brought up with the understanding that if your cash was not accepted, the purchase is considered paid for. Not sure if that is written in law somewhere, or should say “was”.

    • Moreover, a business always had to be able to make change for a $20 or was it a $50? By law.

      I think they like that employees cannot steal with digital and since kids are not taught math anymore, they don’t make mistakes when the computer does it.

      Also cash is the #1 expense for a bank I am told. So getting rid of it is awesome for a bank’s bottom line. Which is funny cause banks make up their own pretty much.

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