Alphabet agencies are clearly an enemy to the people, and why the military is collapsing: Links 1, October 31, 2022

1. FBI wants 66 years to release their Seth Rich files

(This reminds me of an interview Dennis Prager did with RFK Jr. about the vaxx. An amazing interview I looked for studiously but never managed to find online. It was excellent. At the end of the interview about Fauci and Covid measures and so on, Prager couldn’t help himself. He asked, quoting from memory, ‘i know its not on topic but have you any thoughts on the murder of your uncle, and why the FBI has now sealed the files for an additional x number of years when they were scheduled to be released now?’ RFK Jr’s answer was a great one. Again, from memory, ‘When you withhold information like that for 70 years, you are not trying to protect an individual. You are trying to protect an institution”.)

The FBI wants 66 years before it releases files from Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who was murdered in an alleged botched robbery, but who was also suspected in the controversy behind leaked Democrat emails provided to Wikileaks.

Meanwhile, Democrats are claiming that the “right wing” is planning to steal the upcoming elections, and the Justice Department is taking action against armed people monitoring ballot drop boxes.

In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp, we’ll discuss these stories and others, and answer questions from the audience.

2. Another great moment from the Freedom Convoy hearings over the use of the Emergency Act use. Note the distinctly Marxist language of the police chief, Steve Bell. Violence of how people felt. Not what actually happened.

“The lack of violent crime was shocking”

Please read this article at True North.

3. Canada’s military is facing a ‘workforce crisis,’ warns briefing prepared for generals

The briefing acknowledged attrition has hit its highest level in 15 years

The Canadian military is facing its highest attrition rate in 15 years and will need more than a decade to get numbers of soldiers back up to needed levels, according to a briefing prepared for defence chief Gen. Wayne Eyre and other senior leaders.

Military leaders should make it a priority to fast-track increases for various benefits that allow Canadian Forces members to help offset the high cost of living, according to the briefing prepared earlier this month. The briefing was leaked to this newspaper.

(Personally I think this NP story is 100% full of sh**. The military in Canada and the USA are in serious trouble on a few levels. The reasons are not the pay. It is among other things, the vaxx mandates which are still in force for the military. A woke military which forces patriotic Canadians and Americans to stand for things that is anathema to them and other similar reasons. Watch the videos below for a real understanding of the “attrition rate” in the Canadian forces.)

4. Dr. Malone: CIA is using psychological warfare against the health freedom movement

5. Congressional Candidate Richard Rowe Unexpectedly Dies After Bragging About Vaccination Status On Social Media And “Making Fun Of Darwin’d Anti-Vaxxers”

Screenshots of Richard Allen Rowe’s Facebook post on “anti-vaxxers” have begun circulating on Twitter. Rowe, who was a Democratic candidate for the Florida House of Representatives for District 23, passed away on October 2021 at 41 years old – just months after his alleged Pfizer shot.

Thank you all for paying attention as always. It is getting increasingly chaotic and increasingly hard to keep one’s sense of what is factual and even our taxonomy. Malone is right though. As hard as it is, we have to take back our decision making power, in part by doing our own research and then by choosing what is right for us based on that effort. The age of specialization was based on trust. Each area of expertise would handle that aspect of a city’s humanity. Doctors for health, farmers for food, plumbers for waste management etc. That is clearly over. Each aspect of this has been weaponized to a purpose. We think that purpose is establishing an authoritarian polity where our culture, our humanity, our history and all aspects of who we are, again, including our taxonomy, even to sexual dimorphism let alone sexual practices, are being erased. Eggs-omelette. Yet they never seem to break their own eggs or ask us if we want to be made into an omelette.



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  1. Everyone I know that has a family member on active duty says they are getting out when their enlistment is up. They are tired of the woke BS.

    • I think the Woke stuff is the main reason why real men aren’t enlisting.

      And I don’t agree that females should train with males. Every gender type should have its own slot. A male unit, a female unit, and an LGBTQ+ unit. They all go through the same training.

  2. 3. The Military in Canada & the US

    “Hell No” to Any CV19 Vax – Lt. Col. Theresa Long MD
    Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog – Published August 13, 2022

    Army LtCol Theresa Long MD – Full Testimony 09/17/22
    sspstudioandgallery – Published September 24, 2022

    theresa Long – twitter

  3. 1/ The Seth Rich article on Wikipedia goes to great lengths to present the case against Fox News in its handling of the Rich murder story. Rich’s murder is almost a sideshow in the article. I wonder why.

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