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11 Replies to “Interview with Diana West on the gene-therapy injection program”

  1. Covid-19 “lab leak” was and still is (long-covid) killing people!

    The “gain-of-function” Covid-19 was the bioweapon.
    The jabs were and are the ground troops.

    Harris on vaccine: ‘I would not trust Donald Trump’
    by Lauren Egan – September 5, 2020

    Harris on taking a COVID vaccine: If Trump tells us to take it, I won’t
    CBS News – October 7, 2020

  2. This is one of the most darkly fascinating interviews I have heard in a long while. And even though, I have been down quite a few rabit holes in these past 2 years, this conversation gave me quite a few more AHA moments and revealed even more of the interconnectedness of all things evil.

    To mention but one example:

    I always knew that Merkel (evil incarnate imo) did not mean well when she opened the borders and lured the hordes of faux refugees in, describing mostly grown up bearded, single men as “unaccompanied children” – (shall I count thee the numbers of pack rapes in Germany, France, Greece, Austria, etc – ) and I assumed that the “replacement of our people” would be “via the womb of your women” as one Arab/muslim leader promised, but the information by Vlad makes the “Grand Remplacement” even more sinister: if, as Vlad reports, the illegal migrants are not forcefully quacksinated as we are, the Evil Doers have obviously no intention to wait for the demogaphic devolution, they want us dead NOW !.

    And I want to thank Diana West (I am a fan and her books are on my shelves here in OZ) especially for the information re Pres. Trump’s “attitude” towards the Quacksination and the Genociders’ most likely method of blackmail.

  3. There is chemistry in this interview between you both, Vlad and Diana, derived from your sense of the satanic scale of this, our time. I say “our time” meaning it echoes the words used by the great generation’s great writers, and their reference to the great war tumults. So now we have our own “our time” of great change and upheavel which, unlike other world wars, most people don’t even know they are in! This, despite death all around us on the scale of epic, armed, kinetic conflict. (The injections being the infantry, paid media being its cloaking device.)

    Deploying the word “satanic” has always been hard for me because I’m not religious. It seems hyperbolic, fanatical or superstitious. Yet, something is now changing. It’s like great mathematicians and physicists who are able to peer deepest into the machinations of the universe. When asked what they see their answer is God. Why? Because they can offer no better explanation for the witting design they see and perceive. To sophisticates–intellectuals– it sounds counter-intelligent. Almost is if there is a requisite allergy to anything religious. To real Marxists, conversely, the mention of Satan must sound like music.

    In this realm your thoughts about the scale and darkness of a shadow world power are far more important than your learned medical expertise of the minutia of things. Yes, our journey has educated all of us in many ways, but now that we are confronting the possibility of an entity that is real evil, the headline story becomes clear.

    If God exists then must not evil? If the sense of design emerges from the most educated impressions of all the bad in play in our time, then what best to call the shadow force behind it?

  4. EVENT 201 – – October 18, 2019 – – An Exercise To Show Pandemic Preparedness


    The vaccine was NOT brought in for Covid. Covid was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, EVERYTHING else makes sense.

    The “little” people need to stay unmasked, unvaccinated, unapologetic and unafraid, no matter how crazy life gets. Justine Trudeau is a threat to our freedom, he, Freeland, Carney will keep pushing the Globalist madmen agenda. Stand strong and NEVER back down.

  5. The silence and compliance to the Covid story is one of the strangest things about it. It seems big Pharma (and those who run it) has more power than even the leaders of powerful nations!
    As regards the Guidestones, video exists of lightning striking the ground next to them, an instant later they explode.

  6. President Xi Jinping meets with Bill Gates at Boao Forum
    CGTN – March 29, 2015

    Chinese President Xi Jinping has met with U.S. philanthropist Bill Gates in the southern Chinese island province of Hainan. At the end of the 2015 Boao Forum for Asia, Xi and Gates exchanged views on public health and poverty reduction.

  7. Bill Gates partners with China on super rice, vaccine research
    New China TV – March 29, 2015

    Bill Gates said his foundation is working on several projects with high-tech companies in China, such as research on enhanced rice and vaccine freezing.
    The former president of Microsoft and now a leading philanthropist made the remarks during the Boao Forum for Asia in south China’s Hainan Province on Saturday.

  8. “Peter Daszak Deleted Evidence of Gates-Funded Conference He Attended With Shi Zhengli” L. – June 29, 2021

    Leadership & World Change with Barack Obama
    Gates Foundation – September 22, 2017

    Bill and Melinda Gates engage President Barack Obama in a conversation focused on leadership and what all individuals can do to create world change through intelligent ideologies and sustainable solutions. Goalkeepers will help bring together a generation of determined thinkers, doers and givers to help hit the ambitious Global Goals.

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