Israel at this point is a Covid farm, more on the Trucker protest of consequence: Links 1, January 30, 2022

1. More COVID cases confirmed in Israel in January than all of 2021, data shows

(This means the vaxx is working…)

960,500 people tested positive in 2021, compared to 1,160,000 this month so far; PM announces immediate addition of 45 more hospital beds in intensive care wards

There were more COVID-19 cases identified in Israel during January this year than the entirety of 2021, according to a report released Thursday.

The Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center said some 960,500 coronavirus cases were identified during 2021, while in January alone, as of Wednesday, more than 1,160,000 have tested positive.

The massive rise in cases has been blamed on the fast-spreading Omicron variant. On Wednesday, 67,723 new cases were recorded, according to Health Ministry data published Thursday. With more than 307,000 PCR and antigen tests carried out on Wednesday, the positivity rate stood at 24.58 percent.

As of Thursday afternoon, 480,501 Israelis were actively infected, with 2,483 hospitalized, 931 of those in serious condition, and 212 of them on ventilators. A week ago, serious cases stood at 587, and two weeks ago the figure was just 283.

2. There appears to be a lot of kinetics against the Trucker’s Freedom convoy. At some point when the work load drops and more is known, Ill try and coalate events into a single post. In this video, a crew is picking up nails in the road left to flatten tires on the trucks presumably. And we can guess by whom.

3. First actual press conference by the Trucker protest organizers. They put to bed a lot of the information warfare efforts against their protest.

Watch at this Twitter link

4. This guy explains it pretty well overall

5. AUSTRALIA Freedom Truckers to Canberra

Thank you all who stayed the course over the weekend. We will have a lot to say about Ottawa and the Trucker’s protest as we unpack the photos and video, and impressions of course.


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4 Replies to “Israel at this point is a Covid farm, more on the Trucker protest of consequence: Links 1, January 30, 2022”

  1. Late last night listening to a stream there were rumors the police were moving in with tow trucks at 3 am. The vlogger thought this laughable, saying the truckers would not go, and that any tow truck driver who looked them in the eyes would experience discomfort (para). Also, he said fully 80% of trucks have been kept on the periphery of the city.

    Dear leader has brought upon himself an excremental gala.

  2. A point regarding Covid in Israel in 2022: Recently, Israel has started relying on Antigen tests in addition to PCR tests to diagnose Covid. This makes it difficult to compare sickness rates with 2021, since the false positive rate of Antigen tests may not be the same as PCR tests. Also, a lot more tests are being done, since all schoolchildren have to be tested twice a week, regardless of exposure. This may only be for unvaccinated children.

    That said, a lot of people around me (15-20) have gotten Covid over the last month, most of them vaxxed + boosted. Symptoms seem short (2-3 days) and mild in children, but longer (5-7) and more unpleasant (nasty sore throat + fever) in adults. No corpses in the street just yet. Don’t know anyone aged 70+ who’s been infected.

  3. ISRAEL – Flattening the (BS) Curve / ep01

    Efrat and Ronny go back to 2020, taking a look at the state of covid and its mandates in Israel, from 2020 to today.
    From “it’s just for 2 weeks” to “jab or job”, to “no one is forcing you!”

    In this episode:

    – Recap of the last two years
    – Kids’ campaign and mental impact (6:20)
    – The Covid Enabling Act (15:00)
    – “Is the green pass going to be cancelled in Israel?” (28:00)
    – The “5 emergency action areas” of the UN for 2022 (33:00)
    – A personal story of the Chinese social credit / tracking system (38:00)
    – A tribute to the Canada Freedom Convoy! (47:30)
    – A surprising phone call with Mr. Albert Burla (52:00)


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