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6 Replies to “Canada walks back their exemption for Canadian truckers”

    • That is the most important distinction in the world today. And one nearly no one makes. Covid policies are doing ALL the harm. Covid is doing relatively nothing to society itself the flu didn’t do.

  1. I would argue that the Muslim member of parliament, who tried to introduce Shari’ah Law into Ontario, should NOT be allowed to be the Transport Minister.

  2. I started over-buying (hoarding) yesterday food products imported from USA.

    I’m going back today for more. My breakfast is always hard-crust toasts with crunchy peanut butter topped with sliced green grapes. Very delicious. I’ll freeze the grapes.

    And four more bottles each of California dry white & red wine, biological, low-sugar, 11% alcohol. Paid cash. I should be okay for at least five weeks. Because it is low alcohol content, it is easy not to over-indulge. And the red doesn’t taste all that great.

  3. You can see this guy doesn’t give a flying **** about Canadians. @ 7:40 he says rising absenteeism across all sectors is getting worse, but a high percentage of the population are vaccinated therefore the rise is among the vaccinated. It proves that the vaccines, as we know, do not stop you catching or spreading covid. Vaccination is not the answer. Trudeau is a weak dangerous boy whose policies will destroy Canada. The island of Malta is 100% vaccinated and there has been 764 confirmed infections in the last 7 days. Population 441,000.

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