The media and opposition now using the same playbook to gallop towards absolute state power

Watch the following clip with a lot of awareness. Its an interesting dance you see play out here, ending with the government appeasing the “opposition” by explaining that lockdowns and most importantly, the vaxx pass may go on forever, so long as they can justify it with “variants” and what not.

That’s layer one. But the thing most interesting, is how the same kind of phoney opposition you see on legacy media, is used now in government.

When you watch any media interview of a politician, say CBC for example, but it’s just as true for CTV, Global, etc., you see journalists pretending to be harsh and stern with the politician by asking questions about why they are not doing more of what they already want to do, and sooner.

In other words, when they launch another ‘variant’ of the Corona virus at the public like a propaganda bomb, the journalists never ask why they don’t wait and see if it has any real danger to it, or present any experts who think the entire response by the government to the virus was a bad idea, or show that personal freedom also has a cost in lives.

They always, and I mean always, demand to know why the government doesn’t immediately lock down the public, or force more vaccines, without even mentioning that all the carriers of the new Xi Omicron variant actually were fully vaccinated. They demand more state control every time. Its astonishing. But not.

(And on that note, you can hear a moment of honesty creep in when the NDP leader actually says out loud and consciously that the danger of having an end date for the vaxx-pass is that people who don’t want the vaccine know they just have to wait out the clock.

This is proof that the plan is to make everyone take the vaccine, and not to defeat the virus! because if it was about the virus, who cares if anyone takes a vaccine, so long as the threat is gone!)

And in this clip, the opposition-in-name-only make the same demands. They want the Conservative government to restrict more rights, more freedoms, for longer. And of course, well it would be undemocratic for the government not to oblige the media and opposition, wouldn’t it?

Much like this display in the Federal parliament from just the other day. When all parties came together to pass a bill to destroy freedom of speech in Canada, and the entire parliament gave themselves a standing ovation for several minutes. Not one dissenter.

This is about a bill misnamed to make it appear to be about opposing violent forced methods to make homosexual people heterosexual. Its called the ‘Anti-conversion therapy bill’. But in reality, this is a one way law that only forbids people from talking to children and others when they have been persuaded they are “trans” or some other attitude which they may have never thought of before, and suggesting maybe its a phase, or a fashion. It does not prevent your child’s teacher from trying to convince your healthy hetero-child that they are gay, or in need of sterilizing and mutilating surgery to become something wholly unnatural. That remains state subsidized.

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  1. Theater. Theater of opposition. Thespian bold nothing. Hollywood harlots at a parliament near you. Controlled in tone and tenor all for consumption of the tone deaf.

    Thanks Vlad. This is why you’re here.

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