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2 Replies to “Criminal Attorney, Elmar Becker on the horror show of the injections: Pathology conference in Germany, speaker 3”

  1. Genocide pure Genocide!!!, somebody have to stop this criminals!!!and with this communist government now where they want mandatory vaccines, it’s absolutely crime against humanity!!

  2. My guess is that Americans are death-wish necrophiliac. Not only by AIDS and their inconceivably destructive lifestyle and ideology, but also by their manic gun ownership and criminality. Their films bring horror, blood and destruction to the world. But they want to tell us to be the “healthiest society in the world”!

    As a young man, I worked as a plumber in a university hospital. Wow, that was really scary. In forensic medicine, pathology or anatomy, human intestines had to be removed from the drain, the body refrigerators were four stories high and a forklift filled and emptied them.

    I had nightmares for months. And the smell of corpses never left my nose. There was a “disaster room”: severed human limbs (rail suicide, jumping from a great height) or decomposed water corpses were stored there. If you had to work there, you really had “drawn the ass card”. https://www.dict.cc/?s=Arschkarte

    You can throw away your work clothes afterwards, the smell of corpses cannot be removed. But it also hardens you to be confronted with death so early and makes you ask the really important questions in life. The trauma became a redemption.

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