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2 Replies to “BBC Bias trailer”

  1. Any Canadian of my age remembers how the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) gradually went from liberal to stridently left-wing right before our eyes. It’s astoundingly simple how it happens and it comes from right within the company itself. Each individual leftist makes sure to only hire fellow leftists and to make conservatives feel unwelcome until the left-right balance starts to shift. Then the leftist just repeats that ad infinitum until every single person in the building has a Che Guevera T-shirt on and a fanatical hatred of the Catholic Church. Not even the janitor would dare to be conservative at the CBC. The same thing has obviously happened at CNN and all across the world…

    It’s hard to fight against co-workers who just don’t want to have lunch with you or go for drinks on Friday and who just know that you are a stupid neo-Nazi Jew-hating fascist without even knowing your last name…

  2. It brings me back to November 3, 2020, USA election night.

    I was following it in the USA but my instinct guided me to click on Quebec’s TVA broadcast when they announced Biden as the winner. I know quite a few people there and almost all hated Trump to die for.

    Things you never forget but it fits in well with the video of the post. Four or five well-known Quebec TV personalities were commenting on the election results: one female and three or four males.

    Upon the announcement of Biden as the winner, the female started chanting ‘Liar, liar’ referring to Trump, over and over. She was so happy. I’m looking at the males who clearly don’t want to follow in her direction but she’s encouraging them.

    And then one of the guys, the oldest, feebly uttered ‘Liar, liar’. And slowly, all the others followed suit. And then, all of them were chanting ‘Liar Liar’ but it was obvious the guys were very uncomfortable but they did it anyway with a smile to top it off.

    Then, I’m thinking of the viewers, and are they chanting ‘Liar liar’?

    That’s when I understood other forces were pushing them, the girl was used as the catalyst. Or it could also be the girl had power over them.

    So, it’s a great example of how one determined person can lead a group into betraying themselves publicly, on a live broadcast.

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