Chief Medical officer for Nova Scotia: ‘No gatherings to stop the spread of information’

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Bishop to King’s Bishop two, check:

May 31st, 2021

Speaker is Chief Medical officer for Nova Scotia, Dr. Robert Strang

And of course, this:

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10 Replies to “Chief Medical officer for Nova Scotia: ‘No gatherings to stop the spread of information’”

  1. Wake up little Canadians, wake up
    The two weeks are over
    It’s now 15 months
    And we’re in trouble deep

    Wake little Canadians

  2. It is very clear that gov/medical tyrants have no interest in solving the problem and letting go of their power.

    UK gov data showing the Delta/India variant is not a problem , but WHO , CDC , Fauci , media , and gov are hyping it up like it is the end of the world.

    As Dr. McCullough (Texas) pointed out the various variants are roughly 3% different from the original , and if a person has been exposed or vaccinated , the body’s immune system will recognize it.

    The graph of Delta-variant cases vs hospitalization (short 3 min video below) in UK confirms this .

    • IIRC McCullough said it was 0.3% different but the point is made either way. If people who recovered from Swine flu with a 20% difference were immune then…


    • Remarks, International Society for Infectious Diseases, (from personal correspondence):

      “We live with many communicable diseases where vaccines exist (e.g., influenza, measles), and others where there is no vaccine (e.g., malaria, HIV). COVID falls in the 1st category. Individuals will choose to be vaccinated or take their chances with their own health.

      “And life will go on, likely with occasional flare-ups as new variants circulate. It will be important to maintain intensive surveillance accompanied by frequent sequencing to monitor the situation.”

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