Collage of items of interest to this community: Links 1, June 28, 2021

1. We know TikTok is Chinese, but is Twitter?

2. No ‘compelling’ case to vaccinate healthy kids right now, says Johns Hopkins medical professor

A medical school professor at Johns Hopkins University said there is not a “compelling” case at the moment to vaccinate healthy children.

“In reviewing the medical literature and news reports, and in talking to pediatricians across the country, I am not aware of a single healthy child in the U.S. who has died of COVID-19 to date,” Marty Makary wrote in a recent essay at MedPage Today. He is the editor-in-chief of the medical news publication.

“I would not recommend a two-dose vaccine regimen for a healthy child ages 0 to 12 years until we have more data,” Makary said. Though it “may make sense” for teenagers.

The medical doctor and a team of Johns Hopkins researchers conducted a study and found “100% of pediatric COVID-19 deaths were in children with a pre-existing condition, solidifying the case to vaccinate any child with a comorbidity.”

He said there is a “extremely low chance of any benefit for healthy children.” He said that vaccines should instead be sent to poorer countries to use to vaccinate their vulnerable populations first.

3. Hopefully this meeting was recorded and will be published. I couldn’t get in.

4. Now here is how you create confidence in your doctors

(In a democracy, it should be an easy win in court opposing mandatory injections of an experimental technology that has already killed 100X the number of the most lethal vaccine previously. So really, this mandatory Vaxx for care workers is actually a democracy test of sorts.)

5. Russia arrests many protestors against the Covid injections

Thank you Richard, M., Johnny U., Sassy, EB., ET., Johnny U., and many more. 

Fascinating excerpt from an interview with the recently suicided John McAffee

Also this:

More here:


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  1. 1 – Given the actions of so many of our big tech Oligarchs I don’t think it matters if China owns stock in the companies they are controlling the owners which is just as bad.

  2. Off topic.
    Muslim Man Stabbed, Has Beard Cut as Assailants Yelled About His Clothing, Religion
    A Muslim man says he was stabbed and had his beard cut by assailants as they yelled about his religious clothing in an unprovoked attack.
    Muhammad Kashif said he was attacked in an alley early Friday morning in Saskatoon, Canada. He said he was near his parked car when another car drove up behind him.
    “They attacked… on my back with a knife or something,” Kashif told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “Using F-word and saying ‘Why you are here? We don’t like you are Muslim, why are you wearing this dress?'” ttps://
    It appears it is only a hate crime when muslims are attacked not when they attack us or burn our churches.

  3. 5.) I wonder what the next Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn will call his Book?
    “The Archipelago Covidia” perhaps?
    Is there any Country in this world that is FREE of the Covidean Church Doctrin and
    I’d really LOVE to know…….

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