Segment 1 from weekly Reiner Fuellmich webcast on Covid issues: Sally Beck

Sally Beck, reporter for among others, The Daily Mail. starts out discussing much that most people who would read a website like this would likely already know for the most part. But she gets into the issue of pilots and the injections, which the MSM is working very hard to keep out of public knowledge. She also discusses the orders of magnitude of deception of the BBC compared to the reality of events. For example, one freedom protests in London had over 500,000 people, and the BBC (British Brainwashing Corporation) reported only 350.

German translations edited out.

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    What a travesty. There is not one shred of evidence to even suggest a racial element to this case other than that George Floyd was black and officer Chauvin is white, yet they state it as the race trial of the century. There’s no record of Chauvin being racist yet that doesn’t matter. And it takes a complete idiot not to have noticed that Floyd was playing a bullshit game of passive resistance with the cops from the moment Chauvin tapped on his window. “Please, Mr. Policeman. Don’t hurt me. I’s so sceert!!! boohoo hoo.” What nonsense and shame on anyone who couldn’t see through it. The real George Floyd would sound a bit toughter than that, considering he’s a convicted violent street thug…

    What happened is that George Floyd up and died at a very inconvenient moment for the cops, but his death was self-generated and not the result of Dereck Chauvin “murdering” him. He just up and died from cardiac arrest. A guy in his condition shouldn’t be duking it out with the police.

    If Chauvin can’t get a mistrial if not a dismissal then the US justice system is down for the count… Any idiot can see that officer Chauvin did not report to work that morning with the intent of murdering a black man out of racial hatred. What BS… They don’t even seem to know what murder is. Murder is when you kill somebody on purpose and in an illegal manner…

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