Pfizer CEO prefers to inject his goo into children, but won’t take it himself: Links 3, June 25, 2021

1. President of Pfizer, who admitted to be experimenting on Children with this vaccine in a previous video posted to Vlad, explains why he himself has not taken the Pfizer vaccine cause he is just such a terrific guy. Much like Premier Ford explaining why he won’t take the second shot because he doesn’t want to deprive some other sucker from getting it. Rumour has it he did get a second shot though, but some variety other than the first one. Cause now thats OK. For some reason.

2. Germany’s narrative report on what they call, “A knife attack”, which really is a call for knife control, if knives are out there stabbing people all on their own. This RAIR report contains actual information on today’s allah ackbar main event though.

3. Senator Ron Johnson wants safety event on the magnetic goo injections.

4. Sky News Oz: How many vaxxed are Covid+?

5. UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock apologizes for affair – but doesn’t mention his wife

(The Sun takes a typically British approach to this story, amplifying the Lascivious aspects of it. The affair etc. We see it the same way we saw the issue of the UK ‘scientist’ Neil Ferguson, who came up with the utter BS models that required us all to lock down and stay at home for about the third time in his career. This time for some reason, people listened to him. And a few days after his own lockdown began, he was caught leaving his home to meet his lover, a married women somewhere far away from his mandated by him, residence. Now the Minister of Health is caught groping and swapping spit with his aide. One wonders if the British police would kick their doors down if he wasn’t the minister of health for violating lockdowns.)

Thank you M., Johnny U., PC., Kalloi, Chris Jones, XXY., Yucki, EB., Gates of Vienna, and MANY more who keep an eye on the prize even though it grows dim and distant.

Below: Competing propaganda.

From the government of Virginia. PURE emotional blackmail.

Seen on a lamp post in Ottawa Canada:

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3 Replies to “Pfizer CEO prefers to inject his goo into children, but won’t take it himself: Links 3, June 25, 2021”

  1. 5.
    “Many Catholics are stunned that the marriage of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Carrie Symonds took place at the weekend in Britain’s most important Catholic institution, Westminster Cathedral.

    Questions will certainly be asked how could a man with two divorces behind him and born a Catholic managed to pull off that neat trick of getting full nuptial honors so to speak from the church.

    The reason is simple. As always, there is one law for the rich and powerful and one for the poor.

    The explanation given – that the church did not recognize his earlier marriages – is a pure cop-out that tries to get the church off the hook.

    Many priests think so. Father Mark Drew, an assistant priest in Warrington, England asked “Can anyone explain to me how Boris Johnson, who left the Catholic church while at Eaton [sic] and is twice divorced, can be married at Westminster Cathedral, while I have to tell practicing Catholics in good faith who want a second marriage in church that it’s not possible?”

    The rector of St Paul’s in Deptford, Father Paul Butler, tweeted: “Always one canon law for the rich and one for the poor””

    When the cause of divorces are the deeds of any Prime Minister, then obviously his new wife – the Country – is going to shafted the same way. There is no Father in him to protect his family.

    In this case, Mr Johnson (a bounder to be knighted one day), presents as an addict to mommy-skirts, where the Mother States of Communism are the Pearly Gates to Motherstan – the extention of his utopia for the Nannystate that he lives, among ‘strong’ women that rule him until the next one picks him up. Aided and abetted by the Mother Church that never left him until Allah comes.

    Cucks surrounding themselves with Cucks.

    …go in Peace, Matt Hancocks everywhere…

    • Why should sexually drawing-off another person, like a cat sucking at clothes because it was weened too early, or Romanian children’s homes with disinterested nursery nannies – for raising Bucks, Cucks and Sucks – where72 self-sealing virgins in Jannah, all-you-can-eat whores on Earth, and everything that moves or stationary, be of such strong desires to kill anyone who disagrees them for uttering Hate Speech?

      All left with gaping holes and desires to belong and be loved.
      Dry-humping for affection and approval creating a new identity. The Way, to the Lie, and the celebration of Death that islam, Communism and Perversity.

      The questioning child, their enemy.

      With such flaws, they may be enraged to put their arms up to fight, but more importantly, to drop their guards and let bandits walk straight into homes.

      Cuck is to Communism as Buck is to Bowism and Suck is to Sexualism.

      There is no male. Only imprints of the female they return to.

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