Second World Wide demonstration for Freedom Saturday May 15, 2021

It appears there will be another world wide demonstration tomorrow against totalitarian Covid measures that increasingly appear unjustified. The list of cities and times are at this link. This is the same organization that put together the last world wide demo against lockdowns. The claim is that tomorrow is the first anniversary of some of the more odious measures perpetrated on us all. Well close enough.

I do hope as many of you as possible make it out to your local one.

Think of it this way. When the Anthropogenic (man caused) global warming hysteria was at its peak, many astronomers pointed out that both Mars and Jupiter were warming at the same time and degree relative to their distance to the Sun as the Earth was. As clearly there was no American factories making anything on either of those fine planets, it was clear that the AGW model was a hoax intended for some other purpose than the betterment of the environment.

Well we now have enough data from areas that did no lock downs whatsoever to know that they made no difference and if anything, the areas that locked down did worse than places that stayed open. This can likely be explained by the intensity with which, leftist controlled states and nations tested healthy people with a mighty high amplification (or sensitivity rate if you like), on the PCR test for the virus. A test that was never meant to be used as a diagnostic tool in the first place. Each time healthy people were shown to have even a fragment of the virus in their systems they became “a case” even though they were not diseased or infected in any way at all.

More on that soon as we have a stunning video from a prestigious world class Thai hospital who managed to keep the case rate in Thailand down to 1/1000,000 people by simply not testing healthy people and giving sick people a proper diagnosis rather than scrambling after Covid in all cases of a sore throat. That should be up later.

Meanwhile, Tomorrow is a world wide demonstration for Freedom, and nowhere is that needed more than in Canada at this time. So please, find your city, and join your fellow human beings demanding their basic freedoms back. You don’t have to agree with them all, identify with them all, or like them all. But if you expect others to listen to, or respect your views, then we must give them the same courtesy. And generally at these events, you meet some pretty vibrant and wonderful people and leave with a sense of optimism you don’t feel often any more.

Otherwise, well look at this event in Aylmer Ontario today. Yet another Church closed down and its congregants locked out.

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  1. To be free also means the right to not be forced to lather our hands with sanitizer which is a chemical.

    What can happen when you use too much: Car Bursts Into Flames As Driver Uses Hand Sanitizer While Smoking Cigarette.

    One Maryland man found himself suddenly surrounded by flames when his 2000 Toyota Camry caught fire. As it turns out, using hand sanitizer while smoking a lit cigarette can be a dangerous combination.

    The driver, a 66-year-old male, was successfully able to escape the vehicle in time.

    Photo of the car:

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