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7 Replies to “Matteo Salvini on the Israeli Islamic conflict, full support of Israel”

  1. Salvini’s far right politics is their, (Italy), business.He is on recorded as saying the “euro” was a “crime against humanity”.As a Catholic,and Christian,his support of Zionist Israel is anathema to me.Zionist Israel was created at the expense of Catholic,other Christians,as well as non-Jews in Palestine.They all suffered as one,Occupation,Displacement,and Ethnic Cleansing.The support of Jews by the Christian West at the expense of our fellow Christian Palestinian Brothers and Sisters in Occupied Palestine,aka Zionist Israel,is a Crime Against Humanity. Just sayin’.

      • Dapto, Your reaction of ‘you are a racist!’ to silence free speech, is what Ron Grant’s live off. Because now these femaled males, stand taller than you, as morally superior. For when you label someone a monster, that is what you will get. You invited them in as you gave them the power over you by defining them as a new creation of yours.

        Whereas every bully vanquished, reveals a wimp inside.

        You did not counter the lies, leaving an emotional bomb instead, and so Ron Grant won this argument for all to see who was the least wicked.

        To instinctively join the side of the lesser of the two evils based on this discussion.

    • You should realize that the majority of non-Jewish Israeli citizens, and the majority of non-Jews who live in areas A, B and C of Judea and Samaria, support Israeli governance in far greater numbers than the loud radical genocide-lusting groups you shill for.

      To support the destruction of a peaceful neighbor is despicable. If you can’t see that, your problems run far deeper than the Hamas’/Hezbollah’s rhetoric.

    • Hello Ron, I won’t define you with the imprint of any Collective but speak to you courteously as an individal as all are entitled to here. Ideas may be considered relating to Mohammad’s and Hitler’s regarding the Jews, but calling you a Muhammadan or Hitlerite, or even a new FBI recruit, is unfair and unjust, until to say you are a clone and then may be addressed according to your emotional desires.

      Israel was created legally and in peace by civilized people, while Pakistan was created illegally in war by uncivilized people. Christians are free in Israel. They are persecuted in Pakistan.

      “(International Christian Concern) – The persecution of Christians in Pakistan is severe and complex. Daily, Pakistani Christians are treated as second-class citizens simply due to their religious identity.

      So will you please list the things you hate about Israel – so these resentments can be discussed and we may set your mind free?

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